Cemetery of Recoelta and EVITA in Buenos Aires

Cemetery of Recoelta and EVITA in Buenos Aires |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  This are the things I do with my iPhone when I am bored in Buenos Aires. Hope you enjoy my video of the Cemetery of Recoleta and EVITA Peron. One of the true landmarks of the city, and one of the iconic notable figures of the history of Argentina, hated by many and loved by others. Cemetery of Recoleta, literally a ghost town with lots of dead ends. CM

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EVITA Vive Show and Diner in Buenos Aires

EVITA Vive Show and Diner in Buenos Aires |  Buenos Aires, Argentina |  A new show is in town. Now not only you can enjoy a great TANGO Show and Diner while in Buenos Aires, but also this new alternative show introduces you to one of the foremost icons of Argentina the very own EVITA Peron. A Musical, her Life, her Passions and our History. Evita Vive is the new musical in Buenos Aires.

Like all notable and powerful personalities, the Evita Peron story awakens all kinds of passions and controversy. Evita’s life and her political stance and ideology have been picked up on and incorporated by the most culturally diverse sectors of Argentinean culture, used as a leading symbol and also to fight for the most underprivileged.

VIP Dinner and Show – USD 200 / VIP Show only – USD 140 / Dinner and Show – USD 120 / Show only – USD 84. Transfers IN/OUT included from central areas. (fares valid till SEP 2011) Show begins at 08.30PM.

(*) For more information or to book your show at EVITA VIVE , please  fill out the FORM below or call me at Cel. 646.460.6045 | Tel. 212.399.6161 | email @ carlos@carlosmelia.com