Some of my favorite Gourmet experiences in Madrid

Some of my favorite Gourmet experience in MadridSome of my favorite Gourmet experience in Madrid | Madrid, Spain | I have been to Madrid countless times, and I even lived there for over two years. So each time I visit, it is recreating favorite gourmet experiences which include the high and lows. I always say, that my style of travel is as follows “… A backpacker during the day, exploring the city with no limits, and at night as a king, enjoying the luxury and sophistication…”. Here my list of favorite Gourmet experiences in Madrid, after my recent 72 hours stay over New Year.  Continue reading Some of my favorite Gourmet experiences in Madrid

Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona

Majestic Hotel & Spa BarcelonaMajestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona  |   Barcelona, Spain  |  If you are on a the search for an iconic hotel in Barcelona, complimented by premium location and personalized service, Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona is the right option. 90-year-old history in excellence. The hotel is located in the middle of Paseo de Gracia, -right in the heart of the city- and close to Gaudi’s buildings, Sagrada Familia,  restaurants, exclusive shopping facilities and Barcelona’s most important historic tourist sites. The hotel is located in a historical building and therefore all rooms are unique. I spent literarly 48 hours in Barcelona, and Majestic Hotel was the perfect headquarter for my brief visit. Continue reading Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona

Sagrada Familia inside out

Photo Jan 08, 6 03 20 AMSagrada Familia inside out  |  Barcelona, Spain  |  This was not my first time in Barcelona, but yes indeed the first time spending almost two hours exploring inside-out, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Sagrada Familia. Right after my Facades and Architecture walk/tour along Paseo de Gracia and Av. Diagonal, I arrived right to Sagrada Familia, considered by many as the most famous landmark of Barcelona. Designed meticulously by the great architect Antoni Gaudí. This work of art has taken over 100 years to build and contains the finest architecture in the city. Construction continues and they estimate will come to full completion by 2026.  Continue reading Sagrada Familia inside out

My stay at the iconic Hotel Ritz by Belmond

Ritz Hotel by BelmondMy stay at the iconic Hotel Ritz by Belmond  |  Madrid, Spain  | Over a week ago, I had the opportunity to spend four days at this uber iconic hotel. A baroque palace in the heart of Madrid’s ‘Golden Triangle’, Hotel Ritz by Belmond is the quintessential experience of a traditional luxury hotel, rare this days on its kind, that has managed and learnt how to remain relevant and appealing throughout time. The moment you walk through the revolving doors, a air of sophistication and royal heritage welcomes you, in the most friendly approach.  Continue reading My stay at the iconic Hotel Ritz by Belmond

Hunting and Poaching Elephants Shame on you IGNORANT

Hey King Juan Carlos, this is the only way you should hunt an elephant, with your camera. Typical example that money and power does get you away from being an IGNORANT. Your apologies will not get them back. Now I wonder, WWF isn’t it Elephants hunting and poaching illegal ? Why is King Juan Carlos still the President of the WWF Spain Chapter?. Is he going to get away with it just because he is part of a falling monarchy ? Funny enough today I read an article, where it says that since the numbers of Elephants are increasing, then it is legal to kill them… Watch out people, if we start increasing our numbers, then it will be also legal to kill one another. Shame on you King Juan Carlos, Donald Trump…. who is next ?
Did you know that there are many organizations around the world, which are helping to protect the elephants, and you can help.? One of them, which I have visited 2 times is in the Northern of Thailand, supported by Four Seasons Hotels and it is called Think Elephants International. And you can help them support them too. Keeping and elephant in great conditions costs an average of USD 3000 a year, and you can adopt your own elephant or help with many of them. I am trying to adopt Thong Kham, so if anyone wants to help PVT me. !!!!! Lets turn this AWFULL shameful news into something much better. CM

Gay Pride Weekend & Parade in MADRID

Gay Pride Weekend & Parade in MADRID  | Madrid, Spain | For all of you my dear friends and readers, here is the Photo Album I made of the Gay Pride Parade in MADRID, which took place yesterday Saturday 03rd. July. Check out the full Photo Album MADRID Gay Pride Parade Continue reading Gay Pride Weekend & Parade in MADRID