End of the Rainbow on Broadway

20120726-094425.jpg End of the Rainbow on Broadway | New York, United States | End of The Rainbow with Tracie Bennett as Judy Garland is the new absolute Broadway hit. It is like seeing Judy Garland be on stage once again, reliving her last year and fall down previous death while in London at the the Ritz Hotel. Tracie Bennett, is spectacular, her interpretation is beyond expected, her voice and energy. A must see and be included show, into your itinerary when visiting New York City. Her fears, her hunting past, her turbulent love affaires, and her fall down over drugs and alcohol, feeling there was nothing left to give to her public. After the show, we joined Tracie at the SOHO House for dinner, and I asked her, “…do you think that the adrenaline of being on stage ever was more than the effect of drugs and alcohol to Judy Garland.?..” and she replied “…darling unfortunatelly not, and that took her to a tragic end…” MUST SEE IT.!!! CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends

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