Willful six hours layover in Milan in full style and luxury

Willful six hours layover in Milan in full style and luxury
| Milan, Italy |  I was invited by Emirates Airlines to try their new non-stop flight from New York to Milan, Italy on their Business Class, so I decided to pit together a 10 days itinerary exploring Italy, which took me to my first visit to the Amalfi Coast, onwards to yet another lovely visit to Venice and to London, aboard the overnight luxury train Venice Simplon Orient-Express. Since I have not been in Milan for quite sometime, I’ve decided to take a suite for the day at the gorgeous Mandarin Oriental Milan, and explore a few higlights, after a lovely and relaxed lunch. Here are my comments, photos and videos. Hope you enjoy my post on this experience. You can also read more tips and recommendations by checking and following me on Instagram to see all my past-current-future posts and experiences while in Italy #GPSCarlosMeliaITALY. Continue reading Willful six hours layover in Milan in full style and luxury

Emirates A380 Upper Deck Lounge and First Class

Emirates A380 Upper Deck Lounge and First Class  |  Emirates  |  Yesterday I have the chance to experience for the first time ever the new Airbus 380. Yes, the double deck monster of the air, in this case from Dubai to New York City by Emirates. As amazing and fabulous as it looks and feels, I must be honest and say that I was expecting more. Around 79 Business Seats and 19 First Class Suites.  Continue reading Emirates A380 Upper Deck Lounge and First Class

GPS Carlos Melia heading back to New York

GPS Carlos Melia heading back to New York | Thailand to United States | heading back to New York to see loved ones, recharge energy, do laundry and head on my way next Week to my new adventure which will include this time, Brazil ( Rio de Janeiro and Florianopolis ) and Argentina. Boarding now. More tomorrow live from New York, that if I survive my almost 20 hours flight in Emirates, I know… Not the best. But well. CM

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GPS Carlos Melia Back in Thailand

GPS Carlos Melia Back in Thailand
 |  Bangkok, Thailand  |  Waking up this morning in Bangkok. Opening the windows of my apartment and seeing the old style Thai Houses, the perfect temperature, the smells in the air….. Now having a great breakfast next to the pool. I know now why I choose Thailand over and over. I feel like home here. Later on today, tea at Four Seasons with my my friend Nicola and Lady Gaga’s Press Conference Party at the Paragon. Bangkok ROCKS !!!! So happy to be back for a month, it feels like I never left. Continue reading GPS Carlos Melia Back in Thailand

GPS Carlos Melia Emirates to Thailand

GPS Carlos Melia Emirates to Thailand  |  JFK Airport, New York  | At Emirates Check IN counter this morning in JFK Airport all the agents where females… and my charm and smile was not enough to get me upgraded 🙁 BUT there is always a lady that appreciates good fashion and thank to one of my looks, she called me out of the line and got me the extra leg row and block the two seats next to me. She was, Honey… nobody is seating next to you on this flight. Enjoy. !!! On my way back to Thailand for a full month. Also Dubai, Singapore and Malaysia. Stay tuned. CM

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My Travel Bucket List 2012

My Travel Bucket List 2012  |  Carlos Melia  |   You know all those things you swear you’re going to do before you a period of time expires or you die.? Well Bucket List is where you go to keep track of them all, and here is my 2012 Travel Bucket List. Anyone willing to help to make them real and sponsor my adventures ?. My 2011 list fall short, since I went above and beyond the original list. Just as an example: Diving with White Sharks at Hermanus, South Africa (sponsored by Rhino Safaris), Training to become a Mahout at Golden Triangle, Thailand (sponsored by Four Seasons Hotels and Tourism Authority of Thailand), View of the Hong Kong bay from the tallest hotel in the World at Kowloon, Hong Kong (sponsored by Ritz-Carlton Hotel), Flying on a helicopter over the Okavango Delta to find the Baobab Tree at Okavango Delta, Botswana (sponsored by Orient-Express Hotels)… to name a few. Thank you to all the companies that supported my during 2011. Here is the list that I have compiled during the last few month for 2012 Carlos Melia Travel Bucket List, in no particular order, and same as in 2011 remaining open to new suggestions, adventures and destinations:

01. Visit Russia
02. Visit Mongolia
03. Short haul flight on a Private Jet  DONE.!!! Check here
04. Go back to Thailand (over and over and over) DONE.!!! Check here
05. Do an Orient-Express Train To Happen March 11 2012.!!! Check here
6. Go back to Lao PDR and Luang Prabang
07. Trip to Machu Picchu and Cuzco in Peru
08. Visit Mauritius
09. Visit the Maldives
10. An expedition on the Himalayas looking for the source of Ganges River
11. Dinner at the new Aqua Restaurant in Hong Kong
12. Overnight stay at the top floor of the Burj Khalifa Working on it.!!!
13. Visit the Republic of Turkey
14. Return and spend more time in Hong Kong
15. A long research trip to Colombia
16. Photographic Safari to  Bhutan
17. Return to Panama after over 6 years
18. Fly on First Class of Singapore Airlines, Emirates or Ethiad.
19. and yes…. flying on the Virgin Galactic which I do not think Sir Richard Branson will put me in the list anytime soon, but hey it is there on my Bucket List. Imagine CarlosMeliaBlog.com reporting from the bloody space ha ha ha…. would I be then the first gay to be in space ?

So there you go. Have you made yours.? Hotels, airlines, tourism boards, PR agencies willing to help me make my 2012 Travel Bucket List come true, please do not hesitate to contact me. Ready to start crossing items out. Happy 2012 everyone. !!! CM

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JetBlue Airlines runs on Dunkin, but How do they Fly ?

JetBlue Airlines | New York to Los Angeles | I have lost my virginity, once again. Hey wait a minute, what are you thinking about… I meant on flying a new Airlines I have never flown before. Yes this morning I was really excited to be flying JetBlue Airlines for the first time. Overall experience and verdict… Sorry but not quite impressed.
Let’s get it straight, Domestic Air Travel in the United States is pretty basic, with the exception of some airlines like Virgin America… Now let’s break this down, the PERKS of flying JetBlue are to be measure on Price, Pre Boarding Services and Alliances with International carriers like Emirates and South African Airways.
JetBlue Terminal 5 in JFK International Airport is AMAZING. From the free high speed WiFi to the shops and restaurants, but to me, JetBlue as an airline does not stand to the expectations…
The Onboard PROS are: EML (Even More Legroom), Direct TV entertainment, 1st. Bag is FREE and the alliances with International Airlines. The Negative: no Onboard WiFi (come on really… how about my Facebook, Twitter and Blogging withdrawal. ?), no decent meals service (on over 6 hours flights) and to top it all On Demand Movies (USD 6 x movie).
I have to admit, I was quite intrigue to fly and try JetBlue Airlines, but unfortunately they did not get even close to my expectation and to the image they try to promote or sell. Hey if you are going for the price value, then GO for it. Service is acceptable, timing is perfect and seats are very comfortable. But that is about it… spoiled travelers like me, there are a few other options out there to tour around the United States and Canada.
This is an inside joke and note for close friends and people that do know me…… I felt like in heaven when I found out about the synergy between JetBlue and Dunkin Donuts, but unfortunately not even that was enough.
America might run on Dunkin, now does it flies on JetBlue. ? I have to admit… the flight was SOLD OUT. If the question is Would I fly them again. ? Hell yes, but only if looking for good fares. Get it ? Cheers from California. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends


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Carlos Melia next stops DUBAI and INDIA

Carlos Melia next stops DUBAI and INDIA • ( OCT. 16th. – 22nd ) I will be visiting the DUBAI at the United Arab Emirates, invited by the Tourism Office of Dubai where I will be reviewing the destination, Emirates Airlines and the following hotels Al Bustan Rotana, Jumeirah Beack Resort. At this time I will also be conducting live interviews with: Robert Watson, Roger Bastoni and Lionel Lorans from Les Clefs d’Or, Aldo Giacomello from AMEX, Ibrahim Yaqoot – Executive Director of DTCM and Helen Konstantopolous from International Herald Tribune. Some of the plan activities by the Tourism Office of Dubai are Dubai City Tour, Desert Safari, Desert Camp Diner, Diner Cruise and visit to many other landmarks.

After this amazing week in Dubai, I will be off to INDIA (OCT. 22nd. to 31st), this time reviewing the areas of Mumbai, Deli, Udaipur and Jaipur. Reviewing the following hotels: Oberoi Hotel Mumbai, Leela Palace Kempinsky, Maurya Sheraton and Rambagh Palace.

So everyone stay tuned and follow my upcoming posts. As Julia Roberts says on her last movie Eat Pray Love, I got my 3 shots and vaccinations for Yellow Fever, Polio and Typhoid Fever. But HEY it is 100% worth it. BTW I want to congratulate the Indian Embassy in Argentina. They do an excellent work promoting the destination and making it very easy for tourists to get their VISAS set to travel. (it took me 15 minutes and 1 courtesy coffee to get my visa, which by the way is FREE). WAY TO GO. !!!!

(*) Special Thanks to Les Clefs d’Or Board of Directors for the invitation and the Dubai Tourism Office.