Museums and Tango of Mar del Plata

Mar del Plata is a city, that among the many seasonal tourist attractions, offers a quite interesting cultural scene. Names like Astor Piazzola, Victoria Ocampo, Jose Hernandez and Juan Carlos Castagnino were either native or have spend their most creative years in this charming city.

I would recommend you take some time to explore the Museums of: Museo Municipal Jose Hernandez (@ Sierra los Padres ), Museo Municipal de Arte Juan Carlos Castagnino, Archivo Museo Historico Municipal Roberto T. Barili and Villa Victoria Ocampo ( @ Mar del Plata ).

Museo Municipal Jose Hernandez (@ Sierra los Padres ) Former Laguna de los Padres farm “Estancia” built in 1882. The museum was founded March 11th. 1960, created to develop and maintain the local Argentinean traditions. This museum carries the name of Jose Hernandez, writer, journalist and politician, who spend several year living in this house, during mid 19’s century, time while he was writing the Don Quijote, in a way inspired by the local scenery and traditions.

Museo Municipal de Arte Juan Carlos Castagnino
(@ Colon Avenue, Mar del Plata )Castagnino (1908 – 1972 ) one of the main plastic exponents of the city of Mar del Plata. The villa, built in 1909 by Ortiz Basualdo family, and refurbished in 1919, still holds all the original art-nouveau furniture which was tailor designed and created in Belgium by Serrurier-Bovy. There you will be able to see expositions on paintings, photography, prints and sculptures such as “Cabeza de Fierro” by Juan Carlos Castagnino.

Archivo Museo Historico Municipal Roberto T. Barili (@ Barrio Los Troncos ) This museum it serves 3 multiple purposes (1). Archive, (2). Museum and (3). Newspaper Archives, holding some of the most important pieces, photos and documents that tell the story of the cultural heritage of Mar del Plata. The Villa, true Mar del Plata neocolonial style and design. So if you wish to learn a bit more on this city, this is the right place to do so.

Villa Victoria Ocampo (@ Barrio Los Troncos ) Former summer residence of Victoria Ocampo, built in 1912 for Victoria’s grandmother in a very classic British style, along with a Guest House (french style) and a side building (italian style). Victoria inherited this house around the 20’s and turned it into a hot spot with open doors to the main local and international exponents of the arts and literature of those times. (names like Jose Luis Borges, Bioy Casares, Gabriela Mistral, John Saint Perse among many others were frequent around here. Victoria Ocampo ( 1890 – 1979 ) writer, controversial in many ways for the times she was living. She founded de SUR magazine (1931) were she featured and promoted local and international writers, their work and thoughts. She was the first woman to be accepted at the Academia Argetina de Letras ( 1977 ). Some of her most renown essays are “Autobiografia” and “Testimonios”.

(*) I would like to mention the amazing job the ladies of the Villa Ocampo and their work to support and promote the diversity in Mar del Plata. Every year in October they have a week of work, lectures and events showcasing the concept of DIVERSITY. And they work day by day, same as Victoria Ocampo did in the past, to help those that are discriminated or feel different. Find out more ( OCT 22 – 23, 2010 ) @ Galli Marta

Tango plays a big role in this city, and can proudly say that one of the main referents worldwide was theirs…. Astor Piazzolla. Piazzola, has become an icon of tango (1921 ). One of my favorite tangos by Piazzolla is “ Adios Nonino “. If you are in town, please do not miss the Filiberto a Piazzolla Tango Show at Teatro Colon by the Orquesta Municipal de Mar del Plata ( City Orchestra of Mar del Plata ) where Ruben Galan and Jorge Alvarez, with the direction of Willy Wullich… sign along the history and styles of tango, with live dancers Emmanuel Marin and Leyla Antunes.

This are many other reasons why you should visit Mar del Plata all year round. !!!!. CM