DINKs vs. DIWKs Gay Marketing

DINKs vs. DIWKs ( Gay Marketing ) • Words define us and our behaviors, and as so, they mutate over the years along in sync with the society, the culture and the reality that surround us, becoming sometimes outdated and obsolete allowing new models to develop. Well this is the case of DIWKs. Both acronyms portrait how our society is changing over the time and therefore the consumption patterns of the Gay and Lesbian community worldwide. DINKs ( Double Income No Kids ) is commonly used in reference to Gay and Lesbian couples who are childless and able to afford a more expensive consumer lifestyle than heterosexual couples. Worldwide, Pink Money is valued at £350 billion across a variety of sectors — especially entertainment and consumer goods. But the question raises to… what happens now with the DIWKs ( Double Income With Kids ). ? when strictly referring to the GLBT market segment. Will our consuming behavior develop to be same as the heterosexual couples ? or not ?…. This is a question that will, once again, differentiate minorities in times where rights are becoming equal for everyone, at least in the Western World.
The economic power of Pink Money has been seen as a force positive for the gay community, creating a kind of “financial self-identification” which helps gay and lesbian individuals feel like part of a community which values them.