Douglas B. Customer Feedback

Douglas B. Customer Feedback  |  Canada  |  Look what customers are saying about CM by Carlos Melia Travel Services: Carlos: Thank you again … I haven’t told you but for many years I worked as a Tour Director for one of the largest travel agencies in Canada. It specialized in travel for medical doctors and other professional groups. It was an amazing company and I very much enjoyed working with them. (It was part-time only because I had my career as a social worker also.) I must say that as good as that company is … I am thoroughly impressed by you and your service. You are even better than the agency I worked with. Thanks again. Douglas (for them I have designed a full month itinerary including Buenos Aires + Uruguay). CM

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Wendell Chaslay Sa Correia Customer Feedback

Wendell Chaslay Sa Correia Customer Feedback | Brazilia, Brazil | Hello Carlos!I am in your beautiful Buenos Aires…the weather is nice, not really cold! Now we are going to visit some museums and some interestings places in Recoleta. Thank you so much to have choosen CE DESIGN BOUTIQUE for us. The hotel is very nice and the people are really kind. The owner of the BOUTIQUE is architect and the hotel was conceived by himself (modern eand ecologically structered). Hope you are fine and happy! Besos e muito obrigado! Wendell Chaslay Sa Correia

Greg F. Customer Feedback

Greg F. Customer Feedback | New York City, United States | Hi Carlos.!  Everything was perfect. What an amazing city.  Thank you so much for your help making it happen.
Greg & Joel

Greg and his partner visited Cartagena (Colombia) staying at SOFITEL Santa Clara HotelCM

Martin Bell Customer Feedback

Martin Bell Customer Feedback |  from United States  |  Hello. Thanks so much for checking! Everything is fine-check-in went smoothly with the Apartment in Buenos Aires, Marcelo was incredibly helpful explaining how things worked in the apartment and even helped me find a cleaners that could press my suit last minute before New Years. I stopped by the office with him to pick up the cell phone I rented and got to meet some of the staff (I must have mistakenly thought that you were one of them.? ). So, thanks again and Buenos Anos Nueve!. Martin. Martin Bell used my services at CM by Carlos Melia while visiting the following destinations in Argentina: Buenos Aires to book his apartment in the city.CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends


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