Coffee break at Haas in Cape Town

Coffee break at Haas in Cape Town  |  Cape Town, South Africa  |  Walking by the Bo Kaap Malay Quarters in Cape Town, we found this charismatic boutique Coffee Store on  67 Rose Street. Coffee by Strictly Coffee, a boutique coffee roaster and merchant set in the spectacular Robertson Valley. Continue reading Coffee break at Haas in Cape Town

Gimme Coffee pleaseeeee

Gimme Coffee pleaseeeee ( NOLITA ) • After our fabulous brunch at Balaboosta, the first thing that came out of my mouth was Gimme Coffee pleaseeee and there it was… my friend said I know the exact place. So we walk literally 3 blocks and there we were at this sort of NOLITA oasis of coffee where everyone was in line to get there beloved black hot drink.
Great spot for strong tasty Coffee. They have this little bench outside that if you are lucky enough you can seat to enjoy your drink while you watch the people wait in line. Visit their site for more information, a place where to buy coffee and lear coffee.