GPS Carlos Melia heading to Atlanta

GPS Carlos Melia heading to Atlanta  |  Atlanta, United States  |  Good Sunday Morning everyone, from La Guardia Airport, on my way this time to Atlanta till Tuesday. Main purpose of this trip WORK, but I always find time to sneak some great activities to share with all of you. This time invited and hosted by the Luckie Marietta District, or how the like to call themselves the Walkable Atlanta District. I will be experiencing and reviewing the following: Glenn Hotel, Peasant Bistro, SkyLounge. And I will take the following tours, which all already sound very very interesting: Shark Whales Swim and Beluga Whales Feeding at the Georgia Aquarium, the world’s largest aquarium, features more animals than any other aquarium in more than ten million gallons of water. CNN Headquarters VIP Behind de Scenes Tour. Also I will be reviewing the services of Olympus Worldwide Chauffeured Services. So stay tuned. Atlanta here I come. Carlos Melia Luxury Travel Curator –

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Thailand a very strong case on LGBT Travel by CNN

Thailand a very strong case on LGBT Travel by CNN  |  Asia  |  According to CNN GO with base in Asia, Thailand is a very strong case on LGBT Travel compared to other Asian destinations. And I am happy and honored to say that has a big part on that. Last week during the 1st. Asian Gay and Lesbian Tourism and Hospitality Symposium, together with the Marketing team of the Tourism Authority of Thailand with base in New York, we showed to the attendees and the international press the work we have been doing in mutual collaboration to position Thailand as the top LGBT friendly destination in Asia and among the top 10 in the World. India was the host country of this Symposium, which took place in New Delhi, mainly supported and coordinated by the private sector, with complete absence of the Indian Tourism Office, which put a big question mark into many of us. Completely different is the case of Thailand, where the Tourism Office has joined the private sectors to promote and potentiate the arrival of regional and international LGBT travelers from all over the world with main focus on Luxury, Gourmet, Wine, Culture, Religion, Beach and Adventure. I was appointed by TAT New York to be the person to research and communicate this message through my blog and other various international media outlets. Proud and honored to have such and important network like CNN recognize the work and effort that together TAT New York and myself have been working very hard for the last few months. Thank you CNN GO for empathizing with our project. You may read the full article @ India: Unofficially ready for gay travelers. Mai Pen Rai Thailand. CM

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