Trianon Palace by Waldorf Astoria

Trianon Palace by Waldorf Astoria   |  Versailles, France  |  One of the choices I made on this trip, that I feel most proud about, was to visit Versailles and stay overnight, unlike most tourists that rush back to Paris, after visiting the Palace and the gardens. And my home during this experience, was the beautiful Trianon Palace by Waldorf Astoria. Walking along the lakes and gardens of the palace, once everyone is gone, was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had on my time in France so far. A journey that connected me back to the times of Louis XIV. Versailles is a suburb of Paris, some 20 kilometres southwest of the French capital.

The hotel is located right next to one of the main entry gates to the gardens of the Palace. So how about being the neighbor of the Palace of Versailles and all is tradition for at least a night.? To me it sounded fabulous, and that is why I did it.
Trianon Palace Versailles – an exceptional woodland retreat nestled on the edge of the tranquil Royal Domain. Steeped in tradition yet thoroughly contemporary, this high-design hotel features gourmet dining and an exclusive spa. I must admit that I was expecting a bit more sumptuosity, and a different type of crowd at the hotel, but yet the experience was beyond expected.

Witness the splendour of France’s leading luxury retreat. Situated less than a mile from the world famous Chateau de Versailles, and only 20 kilometres outside Paris, this fashionable Chateau de Versailles hotel recently benefitted from an artful, full-scale redesign, adding an air of tasteful, modern elegance to our atmosphere of regal luxury. Find solitude among centuries-old trees and lush, vivid gardens, newly updated by famous landscape designer Louis Benech. Experience a splendid reflection of our palatial surroundings within the sumptuous style and decor.
Relax with friends or simply unwind with a drink at Bar Gallery, open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Warm and casual, bathed in the soft glow of antique chandeliers. So we did, we enjoyed some cocktails at the bar of the Trianon Palace, before heading to our VIP Tours of the Versailles Palace, together with my friend and colleague Nathan Fong, renown Canadian Food Stylist and TV Host.
Gordon Ramsay at the Trianon. 2-Michelin-starred Gordon Ramsay au Trianon, where exquisite French cuisine is enjoyed against the stirring backdrop of the Parc de Versailles. It was not my choice of the night though. I mean, being always in between New York and London, I can have Gordon Ramsay anytime. Instead I took the expert advise of the Les Clefs d’Or Concierges and had a lovely Versailles gourmet experience at a small French Bistro, only 10 minutes walk from the hotel – Le Boeuf à La Mode Restaurant Versailles.

The spa of the hotel by Guerlain, features a Spa Treatments, and heated Indoors Pool and a State of the Art Fitness Center. Experience a blissful re-awakening of body and spirit at the exquisite Spa Guerlain. Your transformation begins amid our sanctuary of luxury and relaxation, where powerful healing treatments unite with contemporary, modern design. Although I strongly recommend to go out for a run along the gardens of the Palace of Versailles before breakfast at La Veranda Restaurant, instead of running in the treadmill, does that sound like a nice plan to you?
 So now you know. Why not having your own Palatial experience of Versailles, spending a night at a true Trianon, just steps away from the magnificent Palace of Versailles. Get the Queen (or King) out of you and visit the Trianon Palace Hotel by Waldorf Astoria, at least for a night, you wont regret it. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends

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