A matured comeback to Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

Mandarin Oriental BangkokA matured comeback to Mandarin Oriental Bangkok  |  Bangkok, Thailand | My first stay at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, or iconically known as Oriental Bangkok, was over 4 years ago. At that time I was a different person, looking for different type of experiences, as it has happened organically through out all my personal and professional life. At that time, perhaps, ranked low as my favorite experiences in Bangkok, but after my recent stay, at my 41 years of age, I have to say it was simply PERFECTION. After countless times being in Bangkok, I have grown a deep love for the Chao Phraya River, and how it defines the nature of this destination, and to stay at a hotel at the streams of this charismatic feature, was something I would have never looked for before, and today I truly appreciate. So I guess we can appropriately say, that Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, it has taken some time, but it has grown in me, to be come I would say, my top choice when visiting Bangkok. See and follow my full Instagram Photo Gallery on BangkokContinue reading A matured comeback to Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

The Siam Hotel a different Bangkok

The Siam Hotel a different Bangkok by www.carlosmeliablog.comThe Siam Hotel a different Bangkok  |  Bangkok, Thailand  |  One of the many jewels of our last visit to Bangkok, was without a doubt our two nights stay at the picture perfect The Siam Hotel. A hotel which holds  a very special feeling to me, having seen it evolve from day one till final completion and full operation, and know many of the people involved in the project. But still I went through our stay with a very critic and avid eye, true to my commitment to all of you my followers. The first question I think raises when you even think to stay at this property, is WHY should I stay at a hotel located so far from the traditional attractions and happening of Bangkok. And to my surprise this exact question is the one the management use as their strength, The Siam brings to you a different Bangkok. Serene, lush in natural beauty, yet quite simple are the nouns to describe this hotel.  Continue reading The Siam Hotel a different Bangkok

Pre Birthday Celebration onboard APSARA River Cruise

Pre Birthday Celebration onboard APSARA River Cruise  | Bangkok, Thailand  |  The Birthday Celebrations had began early.. still 3 days left and already in the spirit. Thank you APSARA Dinner Cruise by Banyan Tree Hotels for a fabulous dinner along the Chao Phraya River last night. Just stunning. Views of Wat Arun last night during the Chao Phraya River Cruise by Banyan Tree Hotels in Bangkok Thailand. I strongly recommend this dinning experience to anyone visiting Bangkok. Continue reading Pre Birthday Celebration onboard APSARA River Cruise

Kevin Jordan Deen Customer Feedback Thailand

Kevin Jordan Deen Customer Feedback Thailand  |  New York, United States  |  Thank you Kevin for your comments on my services and assistance to coordinate you recent trip to Thailand. Was my pleasure to share my experiences with you and help you plan this trip, that from what I hear and seen you have loved it. What’s the cure for falling in love with Bangkok, I am trying to find that myself after two month there…. I guess the best cure is to keep coming back over and over and over. Kevin stayed based on my own experiences and review at Bandara Suites, and did the Apasara Chao Phraya River Cruise, among other things I suggested in terms restaurants, tours, bars and night scene. From there I connected him with ah expert travel agent in Indonesia who took great care of him as well. Cheers CM

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