Cathay Pacific Business Class to/from Asia

Cathay Pacific Business Class to/from Asia by www.carlosmeliablog.comCathay Pacific Business Class to/from Asia  |  I just got back to New York after two amazing weeks in Asia, producing fashion shows and events for my partner, RUBINSINGER, in Singapore and Thailand. We flew from/to New York to/from Hong Kong, connecting to Singapore, on Cathay Pacific Business Class. It was such a great, relaxing and enjoyable experience. Their attentive flight attendants are always nearby to make sure your journey is a pleasant one. New Business Class experience for a total flight time was 16 hours to Hong Kong, with a brief connection of less than two hours, and then onwards 3 hours and a half to Singapore.  Continue reading Cathay Pacific Business Class to/from Asia

Manila Airport User’s Charge

Manila Airport User’s Charge |   Manila, Philippines |   Be aware next time you fly out of Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport, that without any warning either by the airlines or by the local authorities, you will have to pay an Airport User’s Charge of PHP 750 or USD 17,50… and of course in CASH. You know when you are jumping from one country to another, using different currencies, and you hold on to your last coins to save them for the coffee at the airport. Well there it goes… And of course when I flashed my credit card to them they, they laughed and said …” Nagdaramdam Po sir…” Sorry sir no credit cards only cash. What was I thinking right. It is not the amount or the fact of having to pay an User’s Charge, but the inconvenience and last minute surprise, specially if you are running late and considering the LONG lines at immigrations. So keep this in mind or find youself walking around the airport looking for an ATM that works or has money. CM

Cathay Pacific Airways my experience

Cathay Pacific my experience |  Manila, The Philippines |  I have to admit that when they tell you straight up, that you will be spending your next 19 hours seating on a plan, I got very concern on the airlines I was about to pick and trust to get me from New York to Manila and Hong Kong, safe, entertained, well fed and in one piece. The name Cathay Pacific has sounded in my ears for years… so when I connected that with my ever longing dream of visiting Hong Kong, that was a no brainer for me and made my choice. And I have to admit I am VERY HAPPY with it. Cathay Pacific is the main gateway to ASIA and connection.  Continue reading Cathay Pacific Airways my experience