Argentina turns into the second country in the American continent and first in Latin America to approve Gay Marriage. Despite a strong and controversial opposition by the church, in a debate that lasted over 14 hours, with 33 votes in favor 27 against and 03 abstentions, it became a law during last night after a majority vote in favor in the government’s upper house.

The whole process and debate denotes a social / political / cultural growth in the Argentinean society, where those in favor and against had their chance to express their points of view and preferences.

The whole project was supported from the very beginning by the Kirshner presidential couple, with questionable internal fights between their current administration and strong critics by the highest authorities of the church. The perfect disguise for very controversial political and social times that Argentina is undergoing.

BUT the important issue is that from TODAY on, guys we can get married. Congratulations to those that have actively and openly fought and supported this project. NOW the questions is  WHO WANTS TO MARRY ME  🙁 no one… anyone. ???