A full afternoon exploring Brighton

A full afternoon exploring Brighton  |  Brighton, UK  |  Looking for alternative short day trips, during your next visit to London? Well you might as well consider Brighton. Only 50 minutes away from Victoria Station or London Bridge, to discover this vibrant and beach side destinations, where quality of life and outdoor social gathering is one of the highlights, to be at The Lanes, the Royal Pavilion Parks, Brighton Pier or the Gay District. Continue reading A full afternoon exploring Brighton

GPS Carlos Melia at Brighton UK

GPS Carlos Melia at Brighton UK  |  Brighton, UK  |  Today I will be spending the day at Brighton, on the south coast of Great Britain. During the 18th century and became a destination for day-trippers, and today is a very important gay destination and residential area in the UK. Only an hour away from London, by train from Victoria or London Bridge Station (tickets from £10 round trip). One of the highlight of my day trip will be to see the Royal Pavillion of Brighton (photo above), which from what I have heard still looks exactly the same. I am a big fan of chandeliers, so I am sure I will be all over it. Later back to London in the afternoon, and overnight stay at the Verta Hotel which I will be reviewing. Have a great Saturday everyone. !!! CM

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