Sunset at the stream of the Zambezi River

Sunset at the stream of the Zambezi River | Livingstone, Zambia | 5,40PM at Zambezi Sunset Deck Bar of The Royal Livingstone Hotel in Zambia. There is nothing more soothing and relaxing than having a Savanna Dry Cider while reading my new book “The Elephants Whisperer” and watching the sun hide in the horizon of Africa over the Zimbabwean trees. Continue reading Sunset at the stream of the Zambezi River

Elephants up close at Kruger National Park

Elephants up close at Kruger National Park  |  Kruger National Park, South Africa  |  I must say that Elephants have always been my weakness, and yesterday got the chance to see them up close and personal during our afternoon safari, courtesy of Tinga Lodge at the Kruger National Park in South Africa. Tomorrow I am off to Bostwana, so I expect to see plenty more at Chobe, but this is what I have been able to experience so far. Continue reading Elephants up close at Kruger National Park

Malaria Pills checked one stop closer to Africa

20110823-034528.jpgMalaria Pills checked one stop closer to Africa  |  Africa |  Following with my upcoming trip to Africa, I am following all the prophylaxis recommended by me local tour operator in the area, backed by my doctor. So I have got my Malaria pills for my trip coming in two weeks. For those not familiar with this drill, as it happened to me, there are several options available, pills you take once a week, pills you take everyday and else. My doctor recommended I would go with the daily pills treatment – Doxycycline Hyclate 100 MG. In the US the cost for 30 pills is approximatelly USD 35. Usage: You are supposed to start taking the first dose one or two days prior arrival to an area where you may be exposed to malaria. Then while at the the destination, and four weeks after your departure. Hope you all find this info helpful and useful. More Africa to come soon. Be smart, stay safe.!!! CM

AFRICA next stop for

AFRICA next stop for  |  I am excited to announce that I will be spending the whole month of September exploring Africa “the black continent” to feature it at and all my Social Network worldwide. In a joint effort with Rhino Safaris Africa, Orient Express Hotels, South African Airways, I will be doing my research and reviews on South Africa (Cape Town, Johannesburg, Hermanus and Kruger Park ), Bostwana, Zimbawe and Zambia. Continue reading AFRICA next stop for Blog features Carlos Melia AGAIN Blog features Carlos Melia AGAIN | |  Thank you for featuring one of my posts once again. Stay tuned for upcoming posts on England (London and Manchester), Bostwana, Zimbawe and South Africa. OH and I invite you all once again to follow my new column at Mate Magazine for the T FYI Section. Cheers. CM