Borough Food Market London

Borough Food Market  |  London, UK  |  For the past two weeks, I have been searching the city to find the best food markets, you know one of those places, now very popular worldwide, where in an semi open space, local farmers and small producers present their products, most of the time being fully organic and some times very unique in either concept, presentation or flavor.  A few failed attempts, getting lost into piles of smelly vintage clothes markets with very average food, but as for today I can say that at least I have found one, the Borough Food Market in London. Continue reading Borough Food Market London

Wright Brothers Oyster & Porter House

Wright Brothers Oyster & Porter House  |  London, UK  |  So today I dedicated my afternoon to discover and wonder around a new area to me in London, the London Bridge and Borough Market. And by the local recommendation of a friend, I came to try the brilliant Wright Brothers Oyster & Porter House. The small but perfectly formed dining room is made up of a long oyster bar and high tables. It is relaxed, informal and full of life. If you a fan of seafood and enjoy the informality of a traditional food market, give try to the Wright Brothers. Continue reading Wright Brothers Oyster & Porter House