Barbuzzo Restaurant

Barbuzzo Restaurant |  Philadelphia |  Mediterranean Kitchen & Bar. The new gourmet hot spot of Philadelphia, right on South 13th. Street at the so called Gayborhood. Great informal restaurant with open kitchen and great food by Chef Marcie B Turney.
Wood burning Pizza, Olives, Mozzarella, Bruschettas, and lots of rustic Mediterranean touches that you will truly enjoy. As the manager put it to our table light lunchs and decadent spicy diners. From the same owners of Lolita, Bindi and Marcie Blaine Chocolates.
The choice for the day was (here we go ha ha ha … ) Starters: Roasted Beets with goat cheese, orange, pistachio pesto and Tuscan kale (USD 7), Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Barbuzzo Pancceta, caciocavallo and lemon (USD 6), Gigande Bean Salad (USD 13). Main Course: Spanish Spice Rubbed Grilled Chicken with smoked pimenton, manchego, almond-hazelnut romesco, roasted garlic aioli, pickled read onions, rosemary foccacia. (USD 9).
The most orgasmic dessert I have tried in the last few month. WOW… it is just fantastic, no wonder why they have started a self business out of it. Everyone goes crazy for this dessert signature of Barbuzzo. The name of this fantastic new sin is BUDINO. (dark chocolate crust, vanilla bean caramel and sea salt)

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