A Beach Day in Saint Martin

A Beach Day in Saint Martin  |  Saint Martin  |  If there is something that made me stay in Saint Martin, other than the lovely La Samanna by Orient-Express, was the incredible white sanded, blue transparent waters over both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. My favorites were all those on the Caribbean bay, since they are rather quiet, although with a strong current, great temperature and stunning vivid colors. Quite a daunting task, to explore an entire island in just four days, so I did what I know best when it comes to getting a global idea of a new destination, I hired a local guide to take me around and show me his favorite places…  Continue reading A Beach Day in Saint Martin

Hotel Check IN La Samanna by Belmond

Hotel Check IN La Samanna by Belmond  |  Baie Longue, Saint Martin  |  Long overdo, since I Checked IN three days ago, but I have been having too much fun and also the Ocean Front Villa I am being hosted by Belmond is so HUGE that I have to find the way to video tape the entire villa without getting you guys bored. Welcomed to Saint Martin island in the Caribbean. This beautiful island, shared by France and The Netherlands. La Samanna is located on the French side, over the Caribbean Sea, in between stunning Baie Longue beach and Cupecoy. I am staying for a total of 3 nights, and I must say I would just move in.  Continue reading Hotel Check IN La Samanna by Belmond

Wave Running in Saint Martin

Wave Running in Saint Martin  |  Baie Longue, Saint Martin  |  Today I arrived at the lovely island of Saint Martin, in the Caribbean. After Checking IN at my G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S posh private villa at La Samanna by Belmond, I was escorted by my butler to my private Cabana in the beach of Baie Longue. There I was presented with the plan for the day, which mainly was RELAXING wining and eating, but to my great surprise Wave Running was also in the menu,… I mean in the itinerary.  Continue reading Wave Running in Saint Martin