Myths, Legends & Cafes of Buenos Aires

Myths, Legends and Cafes of Buenos Aires by www.carlosmeliablog.comMyths, Legends & Cafes of Buenos Aires  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  Once again in Buenos Aires, city where I was born and left, many years ago, searching for new challenges and adventures. My family still lives in this beautiful city, reason why I visit at least three times a year. Every visit to me is a new discovery, always looking to learn more about it and to find new interesting things to share with all my followers and passengers. This time, expert guide Victoria Lustig, came my way and willing to work with me, she offer to take me around, to see a different side of it. My first reaction was, well what can she show me that I have not seen yet. I was right, she didn’t show me much I haven’t seen before, BUT she made me understand things and see others I have never noticed for luck of attention or knowledge. Travel should always be and “Experience” and a “Life Changing Moment”, and this tour gave me that.  Continue reading Myths, Legends & Cafes of Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Experience by HUB Porteño

Private City Experience Buenos Aires by www.carlosmeliablog.comBuenos Aires Experience by HUB Porteño  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  One of the many perks and extra amenities of staying at HUB Porteño Buenos Aires, are to have access to their exclusively curated Buenos Aires Experiences, conducted by expert Buenos Aires Connoisseur , Declan. And I emphasize EXPERIENCES, because this is not a traditional private tour, but an experience itself, that will take you along the steps of history and heritage of the city of Buenos Aires and its main attractions. Continue reading Buenos Aires Experience by HUB Porteño

Buenos Aires Architecture Tour

Buenos Aires Architecture Tour |  Buenos Aires, Argentina | Buenos Aires holds a valuable, striking and suggestive architectural heritage. Inspired by international patterns and combined with the local tendency of free reinterpretation, Buenos Aires architectural scenery results in a wide and eclectic building legacy. This tour highlights the most outstanding features focusing on the descriptions and how they are related to the city’s history. The sites to be visited are: The financial city (from colonial times, passing by monumental bank architecture from the belle époque, to the Banco Hipotecario, impressive brutalist jewel from the 1960s). The second area to be visited is Avenida de Mayo (seeing, among other buildings, the former headquarters of La Prensa newspaper, café Tortoni, Barolo palace, Chile hotel, former headquarters of Crítica newspaper, National Congress). We end the tour at the postmodern and controversial area of Puerto Madero, seeing the buildings by some of the most important international architectural celebrities, such as Calatrava, Pelli, Foster and Viñoly.
Important note: although the tour focuses on façades, we always enter some of the buildings to see distinctive features (La Prensa building, Barolo palace, Faena hotel; and, depending on the time, a few of the banks, too).
The transport leaves us at Microcentro, where we walk for about half an hour. Then we drive along Avenida de Mayo, stopping for a one-block walk. Then we take Belgrano Avenue, with one small stop to see the Otto Wulf building, into Puerto Madero. Once in the area, we stop at the Faena hotel, then driving along Juana Manso Avenue, stopping again at the Fortabat Museum and walking two blocks along the river coast with excellent views of Catalinas towers, the Yatch Club and the brick old storehouses. Length of the tour: 03 hours daily Tour Class: Private.  Check my FULL Buenos Aires Photo Album on Flickr.CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends


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