SPRITMUSEUM an ABSOLUT Stockholm  |  Stockholm, Sweden  |  Have you ever thought about seeing ABSOLUT Vodka being shown as an exhibition in a museum ? Well now this is reality at the brand new SPRITMUSEUM at Galärvarvet in Stockholm. A total collection of 850 pieces, with only a few now on display. Lots of Did you Know moments, which make this exhibition quite illustrative and interesting.  Continue reading SPRITMUSEUM an ABSOLUT Stockholm

Fotografiska Museet and Christopher Makos

Fotografiska Museet and Christopher Makos  | Stockholm, Sweden | What can go wrong when you gather and combine the best of the best in Art, Fashion, Charisma, Talent, along with iconic celebrities and you expose all these  into one of the most wonderful art venues right in Stockholm City.? You get a freaking AMAZING exposition where all your senses are challenged and take part, where you just want to remain there watching each piece for the thousand time. Fotografiska is a MUST see and visit during your visit to Stockholm.  Continue reading Fotografiska Museet and Christopher Makos