AIRE Ancient Bath Hamam experience in Tribeca

AIRE Ancient Bath Hamam experience in Tribeca  |  New York, United States  |  Yes you read right, now you can have your own Hamam experience in New York City at AIRE Ancient Bath. A Greek, Roman and Ottoman Empire influenced thermal bath, built in a former textile factory dating from 1883. Where body and soul come together and find equilibrium. AIRE, originally from Spain with three locations, now lands in the heart of Manhattan on Franklin Street, Tribeca. Indulge and pamper yourself.  Continue reading AIRE Ancient Bath Hamam experience in Tribeca

Combat skin dehydration from air travel

Combat skin dehydration from air travel  |  Carlos Melia  |  I spend a big part of my life on planes, and although being, most of the times, a great pleasant experience and an easy way to move around, it might have a few drawbacks for your skin and health. The air inside of a cabin has a humidity of 10 to 20 percent, extremely low, leaving you feeling depleted and with the sensation of dry skin. This may cause discomfort during and post flight, but also may put you at risk of respiratory infections. To avoid this combat fight dehydration by: Drinking plenty of water. Bring with you a good moisturizer. Bring eye drops. Avoid drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. Consider using a good Nasal Spray… and seat back, relax and enjoy your flight. Now after your flight, take good care of your skin, yeah I know, the things you have to do to remain young and beautiful, after a long flight. Moisturize you skin, keep drinking plenty of water and use a good face mask to cleanse and purify. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends

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