My own personal postcards of Rio de Janeiro

My own personal postcards of Rio de JaneiroMy own personal postcards of Rio de Janeiro  |  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  |  A collection of my favorite postcards for my lasted visit to Rio de Janeiro, all photos taken by me using my iPhone6. I spent a week at the carioca city of Rio, curating the best experiences, restaurants, venues and locations with a view, to host events and activities for my VIP clients coming next year for the 2016 Summer Olympics. Here some of the stunningly beautiful panoramic views I found along the way.  Continue reading My own personal postcards of Rio de Janeiro

Evening exploring Vidigal Favela to the very top

FullSizeRender 10Evening exploring Vidigal Favela to the very top  |  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  | I would say that one of the best experiences I did, during my recent visit to Rio de Janeiro, to curate unique travel experiences for my VIP clients coming to the 2016 Summer Olympics next year, was something was ranking high in my travel bucket list, after being in Rio for many times in the past. Venturing into the intriguing world of a Favela, was quite interesting, and what I found atop Morro do Vidigal – which gives name to the Favela Vidigal – was indeed unexpected.

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Behind the scenes Samba Experience

FullSizeRender 26 Behind-the-scenes Samba Experience  |  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  | If there is an experience you must have when in Rio de Janeiro, it is SAMBA, and what best than doing a behind-the-scenes tour to the world of the “samba schools” of Rio, which has remained mysterious and hidden. Let’s open the doors to reveal the secrets behind it. For this I came to the Samba City in the district called Little Africa, A beautiful, ancient and historical part of the port of Rio, where samba and the very first samba school was born. Hosted by one of the last year winning Escola de Samba Mirim Pimpolhos da Grande Rio ” Samba School “.  Continue reading Behind the scenes Samba Experience

Not to Miss and Should Miss restaurant experiences in Rio de Janeiro

Not to Miss and Should Miss restaurant experiences in Rio de Janeiro  | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | Rio de Janeiro, same a London, was never known to be a gourmet destination. But over the years and since my last visit, this has changed and developed drastically. Six One-Michelin starred restaurants, lots of fine and informal Brazilian Cuisine options have taken over the Carioca cuisine scene, and more will come coping with the pulse of the 2016 Summer Olympics in the horizon. For this reason, I came to Rio de Janeiro for a full week, to experience, review and curate the best on the radar and tucked away gourmet gem and experiences, to offer to my VIP clients/guests coming to Rio next August 2016 to attend the Olympics. Nowadays, my savvy travelers demand more than just celebrity Chefs, international awards and glamorous locations. Overall experience, food quality, local influence and friendly service rank high to select the best gourmet options. See below my list by experience of Not to Miss, Undecided and Should Miss restaurants. Bon Appetite. !!! Continue reading Not to Miss and Should Miss restaurant experiences in Rio de Janeiro

Nikki Harrison Speakeasy

Nikki Harrison Speakeasy by www.carlosmeliablog.comNikki Harrison Speakeasy  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  I think tonight, I might have found the best kept secret of Buenos Aires. Speakeasy, honoring the concept behind the door of this quaint New York style Sushi restaurant over Malabia Street in Palermo SOHO. Speakeasy is a word, foreign to Argentina in many ways. But, it has been very well interpreted by Andres, the young owner, of this try to be, quasi exclusive membership club.  Continue reading Nikki Harrison Speakeasy

Myths, Legends & Cafes of Buenos Aires

Myths, Legends and Cafes of Buenos Aires by www.carlosmeliablog.comMyths, Legends & Cafes of Buenos Aires  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  Once again in Buenos Aires, city where I was born and left, many years ago, searching for new challenges and adventures. My family still lives in this beautiful city, reason why I visit at least three times a year. Every visit to me is a new discovery, always looking to learn more about it and to find new interesting things to share with all my followers and passengers. This time, expert guide Victoria Lustig, came my way and willing to work with me, she offer to take me around, to see a different side of it. My first reaction was, well what can she show me that I have not seen yet. I was right, she didn’t show me much I haven’t seen before, BUT she made me understand things and see others I have never noticed for luck of attention or knowledge. Travel should always be and “Experience” and a “Life Changing Moment”, and this tour gave me that.  Continue reading Myths, Legends & Cafes of Buenos Aires

PERU South and North

PERU South and North by www.carlosmeliablog.comPERU South and North   |  Itineraries by Carlos Melia  |  Based on my last visit to Peru, I have curated this Peru Experience for my clients, visiting Lima, Cusco, Aguas Calientes, Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley, Pisac and then off to Iquitos to sail on a luxury cruise along the Amazon River. Continue reading PERU South and North

The brand new Alvear ART Hotel

The brand new Alvear ART Hotel by www.carlosmeliablog.comThe brand new Alvear ART Hotel   |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  A new generation, the brand new sister property of the iconic Alvear Palace Hotel, has opened its doors in Buenos Aires, only a few month ago. New sample of the Alvear Experience opens the doors of its modern building in the heart of the financial, commercial, and cultural area of the city, warm hospitality, the sophisticated comfort of its rooms, and advanced technology.

This urban-style building counts with 137 guestrooms and 2 suites decorated in a personalized, elegant and contemporary style. Bathrooms with hydro-massage and shower box, Egyptian-cotton bed linen, 24-hour Room Service, broad band Internet access and Wi Fi and an exquisite buffet breakfast.
The brand new Alvear ART Hotel by www.carlosmeliablog.comThe brand new Alvear ART Hotel by www.carlosmeliablog.comThe hotel also counts with a Spa & Fitness Center on the upper floors, offering a panoramic view of the city as well as the possibility to enjoy the heated swimming pool, solarium, gym and its computerized machines, sauna, steam bath and Scottish shower as well as massages and beauty treatments. A Salon that can be adapted for different social and corporate events with a maximum capacity of 200 people. Business Center with five work stations, audio-visual equipment and meeting rooms.
The brand new Alvear ART Hotel by www.carlosmeliablog.comThe brand new Alvear ART Hotel by www.carlosmeliablog.comThe brand new Alvear ART Hotel by www.carlosmeliablog.comThe Alvear Art Hotel is located in a traditional area of Buenos Aires, declared a historical site – the San Martín Square, just steps away from elegant Santa Fe Avenue and famous Florida Street with their countless stores. It is strategically located a few blocks from the financial area and only five minutes from the new corporate district in Puerto Madero.
The brand new Alvear ART Hotel by www.carlosmeliablog.comAs I opened this blog post, A New Generation. !!!! 100 percent opposite to the traditional and iconic Grande Dame of Buenos Aires, sister property Alvear Palace Hotel, in style, location, concept … and to my own point of view service. This is not the first nor last opening of Alvear Group in the city of Buenos Aires, two more projects are planned within the next two years. Call me old fashion, but my heart remains with the original sophistication of Alvear Palace Hotel, which I must admit, I missed at their brand new property. You might be right, no point on comparing, plus a bit unfair to set the standard higher than their sister property. But HEY, it is great to have options, and like someone told me, not everyone likes to sleep/stay into a jewel box. I DO. !!! CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends

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Buenos Aires Experience by HUB Porteño

Private City Experience Buenos Aires by www.carlosmeliablog.comBuenos Aires Experience by HUB Porteño  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  One of the many perks and extra amenities of staying at HUB Porteño Buenos Aires, are to have access to their exclusively curated Buenos Aires Experiences, conducted by expert Buenos Aires Connoisseur , Declan. And I emphasize EXPERIENCES, because this is not a traditional private tour, but an experience itself, that will take you along the steps of history and heritage of the city of Buenos Aires and its main attractions. Continue reading Buenos Aires Experience by HUB Porteño

Back to La Bamba de Areco

La Bamba de Areco by

Back to La Bamba de Areco  |  San Antonio de Areco, Argentina  |  Because you should ALWAYS return and shared with loved ones, the best things in life, I chose to take Rubin to Estancia La Bamba de Areco, during our last visit to Buenos Aires. This is my second time at this Estancia, and believe me I have seen and experienced many, during my childhood and adult life as a native Argentinean, and this one is the one I choose to visit over and over. San Antonio de Areco, is one of my favorite retreats when visiting Buenos Aires, back to the Cradle of Gauchos culture and roots. Continue reading Back to La Bamba de Areco