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Back to La Bamba de Areco  |  San Antonio de Areco, Argentina  |  Because you should ALWAYS return and shared with loved ones, the best things in life, I chose to take Rubin to Estancia La Bamba de Areco, during our last visit to Buenos Aires. This is my second time at this Estancia, and believe me I have seen and experienced many, during my childhood and adult life as a native Argentinean, and this one is the one I choose to visit over and over. San Antonio de Areco, is one of my favorite retreats when visiting Buenos Aires, back to the Cradle of Gauchos culture and roots. Continue reading Back to La Bamba de Areco

05 Great Outdoor Tours ARGENTINA

# 01. Iguazu Great Adventure ( Iguazu National Park, Iguazu Falls ) • With motor-boats, visitors are taken 6 km through the Canyon of the Iguazu River, until the falls, from these total, 2 km are river rapids. After enjoying the view from the calm side of San Martin Island we sail to the “Tres Mosqueteros” waterfall, at that point, the Brazilian and Argentinean sides and the Devil’s Throat can be clearly appreciated. After that, we sail along the shore of the island until we get to the most exciting part where we face the San Martin waterfall, a wonderful and unforgettable experience, for it’s the largest waterfall any motor-boat can approach safely. Get ready to get wet. !!  Continue reading 05 Great Outdoor Tours ARGENTINA