La Merced del Alto Hotel Cachi

La Merced del Alto Hotel | Cachi, Salta, Argentina |  La Merced del Alto Hotel is located in Cachi, a charming small town approximately 3 hours away from the city of Salta in Argentina. I was there a year ago and fell completely in love with this area, the fantastic boutique Hotel and over all the culture, the people, the food and of course the wine. It is truly a shame that at that time I did not have the camera I have now, to capture more in depth the soul and colors of the area, the textures and its people.

Located at the base of El Nevado de Cachi slope, La Merced del Alto stands out in the Valles Calchaquies surrounded by rivers, springs of water and slopes. Only a few minutes away walking from the town of Cachi which consist in a main square from where spreads the most 15 blocks on each direction. 159 km from the City of Salta and 157 from worldwide renown vineyards of Cafayate.

Outdoors Pool area with breathtaking views of the valley in full harmony and tranquility. Spa with multiple treatments to better enjoy and appreciate the unparalleled beauty of this area, complimented by this unique boutique hotel. From the warmth of its staff to the details in the decoration, you will feel at home.

Comfortable, spacious and full of natural light  rooms, where white linens, iron furniture and wood are the stars. Six rooms overviewing the slopes, six rooms overviewing the Colonial Patio and standard rooms, some with access for guests with special needs.

The hotel offers a CAVA – 6380 – with a local premium selection of wines from Yacochuya, Colome, Viñas de Dávalos and Finca Humanao, only a few examples of the record high altitude vineyards in the world, classic from this area of Argentina.  Also the restaurant with Andean Gourmet Cuisine, featuring local delicatessens and typical dishes.  Common areas to entertain yourself and mingle with other guest, and a space called SUM where guests may enjoy the connection to the back to the real world, with access to Satellital TV.
La Merced del Alto, will be one of the host hotel to accommodate the Buenos Aires + Salta + Jujuy Small Group that I am putting together for next SEPTEMBER 2011, that I will be announcing soon. So only 15 of you will have the chance to see this gem in the Valles Calchaquies together with me.

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Salinas Grandes the White Dessert Argentina

Salinas Grandes the White Dessert of Argentina |  Salta, Argentina  | An extensive Salt Dessert in the northern region of Argentina, 126 kilometers from Purmamarca and 190 kilometers from San Salvador de Jujuy in the limit between the provinces of Salta and Jujuy with a total extension of 212 square kilometers.  Continue reading Salinas Grandes the White Dessert Argentina

CACHI Salta my favorite hotels

CACHI (Province of Salta, northern region of Argentina) a small town 2 hours away from the city of Salta. Cachi is found in the northern sector of the Calchaquí Valleys, at the foot of the Nevado de Cachi that flanks it from the west. The name is derived from Quechuan and means salt since “the snow of this hill reminds of the color of salt,” it is more likely that the name is of Cacán etymology : kak (stone) – chi (silence): silent stone.
The architecture of the small city is principally of colonial Spanish style with adobe homes painted white and built over bases of rock, sporting antique window grills forged of iron. In the Central Plaza is the Church of Cachi, a recognized National Historical Monument, built in the sixteenth century with an exterior from the nineteenth century.
This is a short list of my (3) favorite hotels in CACHI. All type of styles and budgets, but they all reflect with their own concept and beauty, the true soul of this charming little town, that has a particular magic at every time of the day. The evenings and nights at CACHI are unique. Nevado de Cachi Restaurant, was my choice while there.
The tour from Salta City to CACHI takes approximately 2 to 3 hours depending on the stops. This ride will take you trough the breathtaking area of Cuesta del Obispo.

Sala de Payogasta • (minutes away from the city of Cachi)  Rudimentary in spanish colonial adobe style with great views of the Calchaqui river and Los Nevados slopes. The hotel offers 12 luxury suites which were created as an extension of the original Sala, keeping the same characteristic style, while adding all the details of comfort to ensure your best experience. All rooms are linked by a common patio that lead to the restaurant, reading and living room and the spa. Crossing the Route 40 – Ruta Nacional 40 – which is a very small road that runs along the hotel, you will find their  restaurant Sala de Payogasta. Please if you do not plan to stay overnight… just stop there for lunch and try for me the Cabaleta and the Copa Sala de Payogasta. Then send me your feedback..

El Cortijo Hotel
• (located in CACHI only 4 blocks away from the Central Square) A boutique Gay Friendly Hotel. This was the hotel of my choice during my stay in Cachi. Also 12 rooms distributed all over this old style house, property of a local family by the name of Bergesi, each with their own particular design and size. A very personalized service that will make you feel like home while being away. El Cortijo is within the town of Cachi, approx. 4 blocks away from the neuralgic social point. A beautiful stroll that will show you the real Cachi and let you interact with the local people.

La Merced del Alto
• (located approx. 10 minutes away from the Central Square at the foot of the Nevado of Cachi, on a premium spot overviewing the hills, rivers and streams of the Calchaquies Valley) Other Videos Panoramic Views + Pool & Spa. 14 spacious and comfortable rooms, with all the services of any urban 5 stars hotel. A full spa and outdoors pool. This would be the top selection at this destination.

(*) Check out my FULL Photo Album of CACHI

(**) Keep in mind that we can assist you planning your trip to Cachi or any other itinerary all over Argentina and Uruguay. So if you liked it, do not hesitate to contact me. CM

House of Jasmines

House of Jasmines |  Salta, Argentina | Member of Relais Chateaux. Located outside the city of Salta close to the domestic airport, surrounded by mountains and Tobacco plantations. The perfect landscape to enjoy the relaxation, service and gastronomy of this House of Charme, that you will not want to leave. Picture (above) of the suite where I stayed courtesy of the management of House of Jasmines.

Video (above) of the Junior Suite. Check also House of Jasmines Deluxe RoomHouse of Jasmines Superior Room. The difference with the Junior Suites and Suites are that these are located within the main house, while the Suites are all scattered around the property, allowing extra privacy to their guests. All rooms share the same common areas and restaurant, which gives a special touch and feeling during the breakfast, tea and dinner time when all guests gather and interact.

 La Table of House of Jasmines is characterized by its fresh cuisine, homemade style, with traditional dishes and meat such as lamb, mountain kid or the typical Argentine asado. In order to make sure food is fresh, the vegetables, fruits, green vegetables and herbs that we use are specially grown in our orchard and gardens around the House of Jasmines. The northern gastronomy style, with its tamales, humita (flavored corn paste wrapped in corn leaves), and other regional flavors are present in our options so that you can get to know the secrets of Northern Argentina cuisine guided by the Chef. You can enjoy your meals in the different rooms available in our house. The dining room, with a single, big table, is a cozy place with all the charm of a family meal where all the guests share the same space. The table close to the large window, facing the mountain range, allows you to enjoy a magnificent, relaxing view of the landscape. The Winter Garden has its own magic spell: a bright area with flowers where the candles at night add a romantic touch. You can also choose the balcony, or the garden, overlooking the park that surrounds the Estancia and where you will be provided with blankets and hot water bags so that you can enjoy the countryside air feeling comfortable.

 The Living Room, a place where you can take a rest watching Salta’s mountain range. Special care for details and decoration, matched with the Northern tradition with style and comfort, make of this space a cozy room to rest in front of a fireplace, over which there is an imposing nickel silver mirror.

 The Winter Garden, a unique, magical area. Predominantly white with cow leather on top of the tables and with the smell of the seasonal flowers and fruits that bathe the whole house, the Winter Garden is a fresh, bright place to enjoy either in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

 Enjoy the heated pool outdoors overlooking the imposing landscape of Salta’s Mountain Range.

The Spa de Charme is a 300m2 space separated from the main house and devoted to relaxation and well-being. Here you can recharge your energy choosing from an array of treatments and massage therapies we have designed to harmonize and purify your body and soul. Equipped with Dry Sauna, Hammam (steam bath), three cabinets and two relax rooms, the Spa offers treatments such as Princesa Inca (Inca Princess), Amanecer salteño (Salta’s daybreak), Flores para un rey (Flowers for a king) or Cinco sentidos (Five Senses), that use minerals and herbs from the region to help you recover your calmness and freshness. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends

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Cafayate in photos Salta Argentina

CAFAYATE in Photos Salta, Argentina  |  Cafayate, Salta, Argentina  |  (North of Argentina, Salta) The wine region of Salta. Photos will talk for themself… I can only say that this destination is the perfect combination of relaxation + gourmet + wineries + luxury. I want to thank Viñas de Cafayate Hotel for hosting me.

Patios de Cafayate Hotel by Sheraton. A classic landmark of Cafayate and together with Viñas de Cafayate Hotel the two main options in town.

The main square is one of the main neuralgic points of this charming town. Home to the cathedral and one of my favorite restaurants, Terruño, where you can enjoy the best views of the locals while sipping and tasting the best wine exponents of the only and traditional Argentinean grape – the Torrontes.

Many of the most impressive sights in the Valley of the Río las Conchas (Quebrada de Cafayate) are along the paved, 183-kilometres-long National Route 68 that goes from Salta to Cafayate. National Route 40 goes for 165 kilometres form Cafayate to Cachi del Valle, another of the most visited points in the area. Other points of interest from Cafayate include Molinos, Tolombón and San Isidro ranch. The town of Cafayate is an attraction by itself, with its laid-back rhythm, colonial style, and wine cellars open to the public.

The Cafayates were a tribe of the Diaguita-Calchaquí group, which, together with the related Tolombón, inhabited the Valles Calchaquíes prior to the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadores. Their language was known as Cacán. Like other Diaguita tribes, they had recently fallen under the influence of the Incas, after a prolonged resistance. They later mounted a fierce resistance to the Spaniards. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends

(*) To book your own travel experience, do not hesitate to contact me either by email or phone # 917.754.5515. I am an experienced Travel Agent with over 25 years of experience, member of MLGTPP, IGLTA, First in Service Travel, TZELL Travel Network.


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