Chronicles of my recent visits to Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires
Chronicles of my recent visits to Buenos Aires
| Buenos Aires, Argentina | So once again I am back in, my home town, Buenos Aires – Argentina. These chronicles, as a matter of fact, are the result of my last two trips, with a very small time lapse in between. The main reasons of my trips were, ( first trip ) surprise and celebrate my mother for her Birthday and ( second trip ) connecting from New York to Rio de Janeiro, were I will be during August, attending the RIO 2016 Summer Olympics, as the official travel agent for NBCUniversal’s VIP Guests and Executives. Let’s begin and hope you enjoy my insider tips of my city , chronicles of my recent visits to Buenos Aires. For more tips and recommendations, check and follow me on Instagram, to see all my minute-to-minute past/current/future post and experiences on BUENOS AIRESContinue reading Chronicles of my recent visits to Buenos Aires

Myths, Legends & Cafes of Buenos Aires

Myths, Legends and Cafes of Buenos Aires by www.carlosmeliablog.comMyths, Legends & Cafes of Buenos Aires  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  Once again in Buenos Aires, city where I was born and left, many years ago, searching for new challenges and adventures. My family still lives in this beautiful city, reason why I visit at least three times a year. Every visit to me is a new discovery, always looking to learn more about it and to find new interesting things to share with all my followers and passengers. This time, expert guide Victoria Lustig, came my way and willing to work with me, she offer to take me around, to see a different side of it. My first reaction was, well what can she show me that I have not seen yet. I was right, she didn’t show me much I haven’t seen before, BUT she made me understand things and see others I have never noticed for luck of attention or knowledge. Travel should always be and “Experience” and a “Life Changing Moment”, and this tour gave me that.  Continue reading Myths, Legends & Cafes of Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Experience by HUB Porteño

Private City Experience Buenos Aires by www.carlosmeliablog.comBuenos Aires Experience by HUB Porteño  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  One of the many perks and extra amenities of staying at HUB Porteño Buenos Aires, are to have access to their exclusively curated Buenos Aires Experiences, conducted by expert Buenos Aires Connoisseur , Declan. And I emphasize EXPERIENCES, because this is not a traditional private tour, but an experience itself, that will take you along the steps of history and heritage of the city of Buenos Aires and its main attractions. Continue reading Buenos Aires Experience by HUB Porteño


Museo EVITA by Museo EVITA  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  Slowly I am catching up on my report on my last trip to Buenos Aires. One of the things I did was to visit the Museo EVITA. This was not the first time I came to visit this house, but it was indeed the first time I really made the effort to spend time and learn more about this woman who defied the times she lived. I am not one of her fans AT ALL, but I must admit she became a global icon, and for that my respect and interest, personal opinions and believes aside. To me, ignorance is the worst enemy of a point of view, and I totally disagree with the saying …”What you don’t know, wont hurt you…” on the contrary, so off I went to learn more about this polemic and controversial lady. Visit the Museum, and make your own conclusions.

Museo EVITA by www.carlosmeliablog.comEva Duarte, the little girl from the province of Buenos Aires which became known actress. Eva Peron, the wife of the beloved leader, leader herself, responsible for major changes within the Argentinean society. Evita, the myth, admired/hated figure in the world, potentiated by her untimely death.
Museo EVITA by The Permanent Exhibition is organized circularly, starting with the evocation of Evita’s funeral through a short audiovisual presentation. The museum tour is proposed for the visitor, almost linear, chronological way, from Evita childhood, her family, the years of childhood and adolescence, the trip to Buenos Aires from Los Toldos, its beginnings in the world entertainment: radio and film. Then it will first encounter with Peron, her role as First Lady, the European tour, women’s suffrage, the creation of the Female Peronist Party and his work with state policies. All this, telling the seven years of public life and her active and direct social assistance, to its historic renunciation and the illness that led to an unexpected end. Finally the tour takes visitors to a space which presents the legacy of thought and work of Evita.
Museo EVITA by www.carlosmeliablog.comMuseo EVITA is located at Lafinur 2988, in the city of Buenos Aires. (open Tuesdays – Sundays 11AM to 7PM) For more information I have my own point of view, as Argentinean and as a person that has taken the time to learn about her life, work and legacy… unfortunately I must say I stand on the opposite side from those who cherish and idolize her, but always good to learn about facts and the history of your heritage, and on top of that you get to see all the great looks she wore throughout the years.
Coca Sarli at Museo Evita by www.carlosmeliablog.comNow the highlight of my visit, was the Temporal Exhibition “100×100 Argentino” including billboards of other iconic personalities of Argentina. 100 Argentine personalities, from politics, sports, science, art, portrayed in an exercise that requires young people to connect with personalities of the last 100 years. I fell in love, particularly with the one on Coca Sarli, a retired Argentine actress, and glamour model, known for her sexploitation films. Sarli is a considered a cultural icon and the quintessential sex symbol in her home country.  CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends


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ULTRA Electronic Party Buenos Aires 2013

ULTRA Electronic Party Buenos Aires 2013  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  | So of course, last night, right off the door steps of my plane with LAN Airlines, my best friend Laurencio Adot calls me and gets me to the VIP Tent at this massive electronic party in Buenos Aires called ULTRA umf, happening last night and again this weekend. He was invited by PR Leo Matheu for the local magazine GENTE (aka. people version of Argetina) and Absolut Vodka.

Located at Puerto Madero, Dique I, featuring Swedish House Mafia’s Final Performances on both weekends, the return of Carl Cox & Friends and ASOT 600 to the Megastructure, and many more. The 15th Edition by far the most elaborate production and lineup to date!
Stayed with him chit chatting with models, producers, and celebrities in general for a few hours till the exhaustion from my flight plus the time difference cought on me. On top, I realized that I do not quite enjoy much this parties without my boyfriend anymore. But ALWAYS a treat to spend time with my BFF Laurencio, TOP couture fashion designer of South America.
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The Clubhouse Buenos Aires

The Clubhouse Buenos Aires  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  aka a sort of a Porteño version of SOHO House in Palermo SOHO. Tucked away in a quiet, walled garden, their pool is Palermo’s best place to cool off during the hot Buenos Aires summer, if you happen to be away from some of the few hotels or short term rentals in the city offering a cool happening social outdoors pool.
Housed in a converted four-story residence in Buenos Aires’ chic Palermo Soho neighborhood, The Clubhouse is an urban Members’ Club offering a lounge, terrace, two bars, pool and garden and three Guest Rooms. The Clubhouse hosts a calendar of events including private dinners with international chefs, film screenings, rotating art exhibitions and pool parties.
This was born and conceived, as its name describes, as the clubhouse for all the short term rental tenants using the services of their sister company Oasis Collection, which offers mid to luxury properties at some to the main destination in South America. A place where all tenants can meet, socialize and network with other foreigners or most important locals.
Far from the exclusiveness and sophistication of some of the best Member’s Clubs around the globe, The Clubhouse opens the door to a redefined concept in Buenos Aires, that others have tried in the past and failed. The key to their success, is that they already have the international clientele staying at their short-term rental apartments, to whom they offer this service as a competitive advantage.

Very basic food service which includes flavors from all South and Central America – like Ceviche, Sliders, or Quesadillas – during most weekdays, and the star of a traditional “Asado” during the weekends. I spent a lovely lunch along with Parker, the founder of The Clubhouse, and Rachelle, Manager of Partnership and Sales for Oasis Collection. This project is not stoping in Buenos Aires, they are already looking for other destinations in South America, to extend the same concept, like Sao Paulo, Bogota and Punta del Este to just name a few.
Hot summer Sunday in Buenos Aires, and you don’t know where to go ? there are a few options in town without a doubt, but some of them are rather trashy and certainly not cool.  Sunday Pool parties at The Clubhouse, promise to be chic and fun, with a very mixed crowd. Gay or Straight, nobody cares. Expect a rotation of resident and guest DJs, refreshing weekly cocktail creations and food to keep you fueled.

There are several types of memberships, if you are not staying at one of their apartments. Day Membership (from Pesos 150 / USD 30). Month Membership (from Pesos 400 / USD 81). Year Membership (from Pesos 250 x month / USD 51 x month ). Now if you ask me, would I get myself a membership ? Well during cold seasons certainly NOT. During warm times, if I were visitng Buenos Aires, hmmmmm probably I would but just go for the Day Membership. Memberships are by appointments and screening interviews.
Same as many other Member’s Clubs they offer limited accommodation options. This is one of the points I was not sold at. I would not recommend anyone to stay there, unless they are either the Ultra Social or Party type. Second option would be, if you would take over the whole house, which you could if you happen to be traveling with 6 other friends. If I would have been them, I would have used that space to build a rocking fitness center/spa and on the top floor, a lovely restaurant overlooking the pool.
The points I found that I did not like were: (1) The garden, the grass and some of the common areas looked a bit tired. (2). I feel that it could become extremely overcrowded. (3). Service was very informal, which is fine, but when I was presented with the product as a private Member’s Club, I raised my standards I guess a bit too high and I was a bit deceived by the informality in the service. (4). They kept me waiting outside ringing the door bell for over 10 minutes, before someone let me in. (5). I order drinks which were on the menu and they didn’t have all the needed items available to prepare it, so the bartender kept trying to push on me a basic plain Caipirinha, when all I wanted was a refreshing Campari Spritz. But hey, as I always say, this is old spoiled me, so sometimes I can be a bit too harsh on my taste, choices and critics. They already have the seal of approval by the Wallpaper, Conde Nast Traveler, Black Book among many other international renown publications. So go, have your own experience and decide. More at and Happy Summer whichever hemisphere you are.CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends


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Tango, a guy thing… by El Querandi Tango Dinner Show

Tango, a guy thing… by El Querandi Tango Dinner Show  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |   Great to see brands willing to reach out to the LGBT community, to take the initiative to create customized advertising pieces. Kudos to El Querandi Tango Show in Buenos Aires for going the extra mild. Tango, a guy thing... ( One of the most traditional corners of Buenos Aires, offers every night moving live tango performances and classes, live orchestra. The house, dating from the 16th century, right before the foundation of Buenos Aires. You can see my previous posts on this property at Tango Dinner Show, Private Tango Class. I chose to work with them, because they choose to work with US. Tango, a guy thing… by El Querandi Tango Dinner Show. Prices from 85 per person on. CM

(*) Mention this code CMQUERANDI upon booking to obtain preferred front row seating and instant upgrade to the best Argentinean wines. Valid for online, phone, email bookings until December 31, 2012. For further information do not hesitate to contact me @ +1 (347) 944.0026 or

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LIVE from Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires

LIVE from Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  Last night I went to the Opera together with my friends and members of the Board of Directors of the Opera of Minnesota. But not to any opera house, we came to Teatro Colon, known to have one of the top acoustics in the entire world,  not said by me, but by experts like Pavarotti. The Opera we truly enjoyed with an amazing production was “La Forza del Destino” by Guisepper Verdi. Continue reading LIVE from Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires

Cemetery of Recoelta and EVITA in Buenos Aires

Cemetery of Recoelta and EVITA in Buenos Aires |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  This are the things I do with my iPhone when I am bored in Buenos Aires. Hope you enjoy my video of the Cemetery of Recoleta and EVITA Peron. One of the true landmarks of the city, and one of the iconic notable figures of the history of Argentina, hated by many and loved by others. Cemetery of Recoleta, literally a ghost town with lots of dead ends. CM

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Carlos Melia learns Tango at El Querandi Tangueria

Carlos Melia learns Tango at El Querandi Tangueria  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  Aside from being my favorite tangueria (aka. Tango House) in Buenos Aires, today, once the show was over, I took my own private lesson of Tango with one of the leading dancer of the prestigious El Querandi Tango Show. I know I know… Argentinean, Porteño and I do not have a clue on how to dance Tango, shame on me. Well that is why El Querandi Tango has came to my rescue to give me the basic steps of my native dance. Continue reading Carlos Melia learns Tango at El Querandi Tangueria