Chronicles of my recent visits to Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires
Chronicles of my recent visits to Buenos Aires
| Buenos Aires, Argentina | So once again I am back in, my home town, Buenos Aires – Argentina. These chronicles, as a matter of fact, are the result of my last two trips, with a very small time lapse in between. The main reasons of my trips were, ( first trip ) surprise and celebrate my mother for her Birthday and ( second trip ) connecting from New York to Rio de Janeiro, were I will be during August, attending the RIO 2016 Summer Olympics, as the official travel agent for NBCUniversal’s VIP Guests and Executives. Let’s begin and hope you enjoy my insider tips of my city , chronicles of my recent visits to Buenos Aires. For more tips and recommendations, check and follow me on Instagram, to see all my minute-to-minute past/current/future post and experiences on BUENOS AIRESContinue reading Chronicles of my recent visits to Buenos Aires

Tango, a guy thing… by El Querandi Tango Dinner Show

Tango, a guy thing… by El Querandi Tango Dinner Show  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |   Great to see brands willing to reach out to the LGBT community, to take the initiative to create customized advertising pieces. Kudos to El Querandi Tango Show in Buenos Aires for going the extra mild. Tango, a guy thing... ( One of the most traditional corners of Buenos Aires, offers every night moving live tango performances and classes, live orchestra. The house, dating from the 16th century, right before the foundation of Buenos Aires. You can see my previous posts on this property at Tango Dinner Show, Private Tango Class. I chose to work with them, because they choose to work with US. Tango, a guy thing… by El Querandi Tango Dinner Show. Prices from 85 per person on. CM

(*) Mention this code CMQUERANDI upon booking to obtain preferred front row seating and instant upgrade to the best Argentinean wines. Valid for online, phone, email bookings until December 31, 2012. For further information do not hesitate to contact me @ +1 (347) 944.0026 or

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Carlos Melia learns Tango at El Querandi Tangueria

Carlos Melia learns Tango at El Querandi Tangueria  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  Aside from being my favorite tangueria (aka. Tango House) in Buenos Aires, today, once the show was over, I took my own private lesson of Tango with one of the leading dancer of the prestigious El Querandi Tango Show. I know I know… Argentinean, Porteño and I do not have a clue on how to dance Tango, shame on me. Well that is why El Querandi Tango has came to my rescue to give me the basic steps of my native dance. Continue reading Carlos Melia learns Tango at El Querandi Tangueria

EVITA Vive Show and Dinner Buenos Aires

EVITA Vive Show and Dinner Buenos Aires  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |   Whether you are a great fan of Evita, a tourist looking to learn more about her myth, passion and love or a local that either hate or love her, EVITA Vive is a good show to see both sides of an iconic international personality that has captivated the world with her charisma. In one hour and a half you will learn about the largest and most controversial female icon in Argentinean history. Located in the heart of San Telmo neighborhood on the ground floor of Moreno Boutique Hotel. Continue reading EVITA Vive Show and Dinner Buenos Aires

Tango Porteño Dinner Show Buenos Aires

Tango Porteño Dinner Show Buenos Aires  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  The former Cine Metro, was originally the Metro-Goldwing-Mayer MGM owned movie theater in Buenos Aires, which became famous for being the first of its kind in Argentina to have female-only hosts. Today this luxurious setting embodiment of refined ambience stages this great example of Argentinean passion for the golden ages of Buenos Aires, Tango Porteño Dinner Show. Travel in time to the age of the forties, which is unquestionably known as the reign of the tango. Continue reading Tango Porteño Dinner Show Buenos Aires

GPS Carlos Melia at Tango Porteño Buenos Aires

GPS Carlos Melia at Tango Porteño Buenos Aires  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  Just a little present for you all from Tango Porteño Buenos Aires, Argentina . Now too tired but tomorrow full review. And I would like to share this phrase by Tita Merello in Arravalera … ” Si me gano el morfi diario, que me importa el diccionario ni el que hablar con distincion, tengo sello de noblesa, soy Porteño de una pieza, tengo voz de badoneon…” Good Night from Buenos Aires everyone. CM

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EVITA Vive Show and Diner in Buenos Aires

EVITA Vive Show and Diner in Buenos Aires |  Buenos Aires, Argentina |  A new show is in town. Now not only you can enjoy a great TANGO Show and Diner while in Buenos Aires, but also this new alternative show introduces you to one of the foremost icons of Argentina the very own EVITA Peron. A Musical, her Life, her Passions and our History. Evita Vive is the new musical in Buenos Aires.

Like all notable and powerful personalities, the Evita Peron story awakens all kinds of passions and controversy. Evita’s life and her political stance and ideology have been picked up on and incorporated by the most culturally diverse sectors of Argentinean culture, used as a leading symbol and also to fight for the most underprivileged.

VIP Dinner and Show – USD 200 / VIP Show only – USD 140 / Dinner and Show – USD 120 / Show only – USD 84. Transfers IN/OUT included from central areas. (fares valid till SEP 2011) Show begins at 08.30PM.

(*) For more information or to book your show at EVITA VIVE , please  fill out the FORM below or call me at Cel. 646.460.6045 | Tel. 212.399.6161 | email @

TANGO Festival Buenos Aires

TANGO Festival of Buenos Aires ( AUG 13th. – 31st, 2010 ). If you love TANGO then August is the right time to visit the city of Buenos Aires and experience the best of the best. ( more info ).
Gay Tango also has its own festival – Festival Tango Queer – which takes place ( NOV 22nd. – 28th. ) find out more TANGO Queer.

(*) Other Gay Tango Show that you should experience in the city of Buenos Aires is LA MARSHALL.

El Querandi Tango Show and Diner

El Querandi Tango Show and Diner | Buenos Aires, Argentina | The Tango is, undoubtedly, the most authentic Argentinean artistic expression. Is is a genuine creation born in the late 19th. century right from the bottom of our pleople’s heart. Lewd, ruffian, and pretentious dance, with some rhythms from candombe (drum based musical form), and with milonga (popular music of the pampas and the Rio de la Plata) voices, which was originated in the cabarets, bordellos, and brothels.

It became known worldwide in the early 20th. century and was played in different ways: some times with artistic quality, others in an exaggerated way, by worldwide famous artists such as: Rodolfo Valentino, Charles Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy, etc.  However, none of them could capture the true essence of the Argentinean Tango.

El Querandi ” with its show ” Our Tango ” tries to pay tribute to the popular feeling that originated this artistic expression which is a stamp of our identity worldwide. Following the story of the city of Buenos Aires and the Tango… from The Outskirts: El Compradito, to The Cabaret: Immigration, to Sung Tango ” Carlos Gardel”, then The Milonga (orchestra and dance) to end with the Modernism.
What differentiates El Querandi from other tango shows in the city, is that this is a great restaurant with a fantastic tango show. The house is located in the neighborhood of San Telmo. The stage is strategically located so you will always get a top view of the show, regardless where you are seated.

Since 1867 this big old house has been established in the historic center of the City. In 1920 it was founded as a bar and then, in 1992 restored; it is now considered by the Museum of the City of Buenos Aires as a “Living Evidence of the Civic Memory” and as a “Place of Tourist Interest” by the National Tourist Secretary.

Undoubtedly among one of the best options for Tango Show in the city of Buenos Aires. Cost: Tango Show + 3 courses Diner + Beverages USD 80 x person ( from 08.30PM to 11.30PM. Transfers to/from Hotel available upon request. Open daily ). CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends


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