My latest Restaurant Experiences in Buenos Aires

My latest Restaurant Experiences in Buenos Aires My latest Restaurant Experiences in Buenos Aires   |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  | After my week in Rio de Janeiro, I decided to take four days off and head to my native city of Buenos Aires, to visit my family, before heading back to, my new home, New York. One of my favorite activities, as you may know by now, is eating and checking out restaurants of all kinds, and that is what I did. I went to some of my classic ones like the Rodi Bar in Recoleta. I tried a new one in San Telmo and was invited by the Park Hyatt Hotel Buenos Aires, to enjoy their winter Fondue Nights at the Duhau Restaurant. See my comments and photos below.   Continue reading My latest Restaurant Experiences in Buenos Aires

BUE Updated Restaurant recommendations

Restaurant Recommendations Buenos Aires by www.carlosmeliablog.comBUE Updated Restaurant recommendations  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  On most corners of Buenos Aires you will find a few hidden gems in terms of local cuisine, maybe not the most attractive to the eye, but trust me on this… very appealing to your palate. From my last visit to Buenos Aires, I have some interesting updates on restaurant options to try on your next time there. I went from the hip and trendy Elena Restaurant at the Four Seasons Buenos Aires, to some more local and traditional options, which I think far from an exclusive gourmet experience, still reflect the soul and root of Argentinean cuisine. So my friends get ready for a mix or Porteño delights, Milanesas con Papas Fritas, Provoletas, Ensalada Rusa, Matambre, and Panqueques con Dulce de Leche, because not everything is about “Parilla” when in Buenos Aires, trust me you will love them.  Continue reading BUE Updated Restaurant recommendations

ELENA Restaurant

Elena Restaurant at Four Seasons Buenos Aires by www.carlosmeliablog.comELENA Restaurant  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  Part of the new renovations undergone by the Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires,  ELENA come out to be a stunning two storey courtyard restaurant. Named for Elena Peña Unzué, the bride of La Mansión, a historic building that houses the Hotel’s most opulent suites and hosts the city’s most glittering social events. On the menu guests will find a broad selection of the meats beloved by locals, from precision-cut dry aged steaks and Argentinian kobe beef to the highest quality pork, chicken and other meats, and abundant fresh seafood. Expertly prepared on the rotisserie, mains are accompanied by lushly presented seasonal vegetables.

Elena Restaurant at Four Seasons Buenos Aires by www.carlosmeliablog.comIn a gorgeous double-height space bathed in natural light, gourmands and those who love a great meal with friends and family will come together at Elena. The space features a dramatic spiral staircase to the balcony level, where private dining areas are available, and the look is fresh and open, yet a welcome escape from the busy city just outside. Rich interior furnishings – including a glass doored dry ageing case, marble butcher’s table manned by an expert chef and locally-sourced antiques – seamlessly blend South American and European cultures in true Buenos Aires fashion, with hand-crafted finishes by local artisans adding a unique character.

PonyLine at Four Seasons Buenos Aires by www.carlosmeliablog.comBut, either, before or after dinner, a MUST is to stop by the front bar, PonyLine inspired by the sport of kings, Pony Line brings to life the casual chic of La Dolfina polo lifestyle. Balancing urban sophistication with the carefree elegance of polo in leathers and other fabrics, riding motifs, art by Alejandro Moy, and rugged yet refined elements such as pergamino-clad trunks that act as cocktail tables.

Elena Restaurant at Four Seasons Buenos Aires by www.carlosmeliablog.comWe planned an special occasion, family reunion, at ELENA and all went beyond expectation. The food was lovely, same as the atmosphere, lightning and service. My favorite was the concept of serving the food on big saucepans for all to share. Buenos Aires, unlike many other destinations in the world, does not have a thing for hotel restaurants, but ELENA after many years of transitioning from former Park Hyatt management, to the present renovations, has brought trendy, sexy, tasteful back. Strongly recommend it. Book in advance. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends


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The Clubhouse Buenos Aires

The Clubhouse Buenos Aires  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  aka a sort of a Porteño version of SOHO House in Palermo SOHO. Tucked away in a quiet, walled garden, their pool is Palermo’s best place to cool off during the hot Buenos Aires summer, if you happen to be away from some of the few hotels or short term rentals in the city offering a cool happening social outdoors pool.
Housed in a converted four-story residence in Buenos Aires’ chic Palermo Soho neighborhood, The Clubhouse is an urban Members’ Club offering a lounge, terrace, two bars, pool and garden and three Guest Rooms. The Clubhouse hosts a calendar of events including private dinners with international chefs, film screenings, rotating art exhibitions and pool parties.
This was born and conceived, as its name describes, as the clubhouse for all the short term rental tenants using the services of their sister company Oasis Collection, which offers mid to luxury properties at some to the main destination in South America. A place where all tenants can meet, socialize and network with other foreigners or most important locals.
Far from the exclusiveness and sophistication of some of the best Member’s Clubs around the globe, The Clubhouse opens the door to a redefined concept in Buenos Aires, that others have tried in the past and failed. The key to their success, is that they already have the international clientele staying at their short-term rental apartments, to whom they offer this service as a competitive advantage.

Very basic food service which includes flavors from all South and Central America – like Ceviche, Sliders, or Quesadillas – during most weekdays, and the star of a traditional “Asado” during the weekends. I spent a lovely lunch along with Parker, the founder of The Clubhouse, and Rachelle, Manager of Partnership and Sales for Oasis Collection. This project is not stoping in Buenos Aires, they are already looking for other destinations in South America, to extend the same concept, like Sao Paulo, Bogota and Punta del Este to just name a few.
Hot summer Sunday in Buenos Aires, and you don’t know where to go ? there are a few options in town without a doubt, but some of them are rather trashy and certainly not cool.  Sunday Pool parties at The Clubhouse, promise to be chic and fun, with a very mixed crowd. Gay or Straight, nobody cares. Expect a rotation of resident and guest DJs, refreshing weekly cocktail creations and food to keep you fueled.

There are several types of memberships, if you are not staying at one of their apartments. Day Membership (from Pesos 150 / USD 30). Month Membership (from Pesos 400 / USD 81). Year Membership (from Pesos 250 x month / USD 51 x month ). Now if you ask me, would I get myself a membership ? Well during cold seasons certainly NOT. During warm times, if I were visitng Buenos Aires, hmmmmm probably I would but just go for the Day Membership. Memberships are by appointments and screening interviews.
Same as many other Member’s Clubs they offer limited accommodation options. This is one of the points I was not sold at. I would not recommend anyone to stay there, unless they are either the Ultra Social or Party type. Second option would be, if you would take over the whole house, which you could if you happen to be traveling with 6 other friends. If I would have been them, I would have used that space to build a rocking fitness center/spa and on the top floor, a lovely restaurant overlooking the pool.
The points I found that I did not like were: (1) The garden, the grass and some of the common areas looked a bit tired. (2). I feel that it could become extremely overcrowded. (3). Service was very informal, which is fine, but when I was presented with the product as a private Member’s Club, I raised my standards I guess a bit too high and I was a bit deceived by the informality in the service. (4). They kept me waiting outside ringing the door bell for over 10 minutes, before someone let me in. (5). I order drinks which were on the menu and they didn’t have all the needed items available to prepare it, so the bartender kept trying to push on me a basic plain Caipirinha, when all I wanted was a refreshing Campari Spritz. But hey, as I always say, this is old spoiled me, so sometimes I can be a bit too harsh on my taste, choices and critics. They already have the seal of approval by the Wallpaper, Conde Nast Traveler, Black Book among many other international renown publications. So go, have your own experience and decide. More at and Happy Summer whichever hemisphere you are.CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends


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Sirop & Folie Restaurant Casual Chic

Sirop & Folie Restaurant Casual Chic  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  Nestled at one of the most charming alleys of Buenos Aires, right in Recoleta, is Sirop & Folie, managed and run in a very casual chic style by Agus Numer.  They define themselves as contemporary Argentinean Cuisine. Open for lunch, hight tea, dinner, Brunch or your own private event.

Nice, relaxed and unpretentious ambiance, with a rather eclectic crowd, showing bits and touches of refinement, which made me think about the Casual Chic title. Tradition, simplicity and good taste. Service was a bit slow, but they were on a rainy Wednesday night totally sold out, and that should mean something right. Sirop comes from their origins as tea house and pastry lounge. Folie could be interpreted as madness or extravaganza, and both fit to their casual refined and eclectic style.

 My choice for the night was very healthy. I was there with my two local great friends, and we decided to share all plates and taste everything. But my own personal choices were the following: Cherry tomatoes, almonds, arugula, goat cheese and olive vinaigrette Salad. (USD 11)

As the Main Course I went for chicken breasts marinated with celery, toasted almonds, onion chutney and sweet potato chips. This was just what I wanted. It was strongly recommend it. (USD 12)
 To finalize our Contemporary Argentinean Cuisine experience, I could not help the tempting sound of a Tarte Tatin, caramelized apples with ice cream on Sablee dough. (USD 9) For more information or bookings Buen Provecho CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends

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Porteño Gourmet Experience 101

Porteño Gourmet Experience 101  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  So today I was supposed to have dinner with friends and they cancel, then with family and they cancel on me too, no my lucky night. But hey I am very well used to travel solo and dine and wine on my own, and I must admit I ENJOY IT. So I decided to have my full down and dirty Porteño Gourmet experience and I did indeed. When was the last time in your life that you saw a real Sifon on a table, amazing right ?
Porteño Gourmet 101. Going local down and dirty. Milanesa con Papas Fritas, wine of the house and Soda. Can’t get better than this in Buenos Aires. No renown chef, no Zagat review, no Michelin Star, just plain, traditional and basic tasteful food on a plate. I came to El Rinco Bar & Restaurant, which is located in the neighborhood of Recoleta, but to be honest there are so many amazing local restaurants like this in the city, that you just need to find out the best at the area where you will be staying. Buen Provecho. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends
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Astrid & Gaston Porteño Peruvian flavors

Astrid & Gaston Porteño Peruvian flavors  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  Last night I came for dinner to one of the, to be, new and top Peruvian restaurants of Buenos Aires, Astrid & Gaston, by peruvian Cheff Gastón Acurio. It is difficult for me to be bias, being that I was in Peru for over two weeks just a month ago, trying some of the best Ceviches, Causas, Tiraditos among other delights in Lima, Cusco and the Sacred Valley. This is where I learnt about them for first time, since they have many locations around South/Central America and Spain. Funny enough I think, I might be one of the few that comes to Buenos Aires and its first choice it to go to a Peruvian Restaurant over a Parrilla. But hey I am a native Argentinean and on top of that I do not eat beef.
Located in the neighborhood of Barrio Norte, at Lafinur 3222, at this beautiful petit chateaux, taking over all spaces, with a style, I might say, communicated to me very few of Peru, and lots of modern non-classified gastronomy. Nevertheless the deco and entire ambiance is quite charming, private and sophisticated.
Who can say no to a classic Chifa Ceviche with fresh White Sea Bass right, I mean if you are a fish lover like me, and on top you enjoy the flavors of lemon, coriander and aji, then you are in full Peruvian nirvana. That was my appetizer. (Pesos 78 / approx. USD 16 ).
For my main course, again I went with fish. This time the White Salmon over a Risotto. ( Pesos 98 / approx. USD 20 ). Presentation wise I will give them an 8. Flavor wise, I would have to say I was quite not sold, and found it a bit forgettable. Not really the experience I was looking for. I feel that Sipan is, far superior on flavors, but not as fancy or chic on ambiance and presentation.
My Dirty Vodka Martini was undrinkable, you know when they use olive juice that instead of being salty is sweet, well that was the case. To make it even less attractive, my only small olive was threaded in a regular toothpick. But the specialty of the house, the Pisco Sour, kudos to them because it was perfect.
I really liked the ambiance, but I missed the true Peruvian flavors that I was so craving for. So next time, I am not quite sure I will trade my palate experience over design and ambiance, when there are other great options in town. Certainly to me this time, a big name that felt short. I came looking for my new favorite spot in Buenos Aires, and I left a bit disappointed. I am not an expert, but I do know what I like, but hey, this is only my point of view. What about you ? CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends

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Tarquino Nouvelle Argentinean Cuisine

Tarquino Nouvelle Argentinean Cuisine  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  Tarquino was the original name of the first Shorthorn bull (1826) to enter Argentina, to increase the quality of a national herds.  From there the name of this brand new, modern yet traditional, Argentinean restaurant, with sophisticated homemade touches. Continue reading Tarquino Nouvelle Argentinean Cuisine

La Vineria de Gualterio Bolivar

La Vineria de Gualterio Bolivar  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  What comes to your mind when I say Molecular food ? Everyone loves to say that word but not many know the true meaning of it. So the other day when Chef Alejandro Digilio invited me to come and check his restaurant, which by the way everyone raves about, I asked him what type of food you guys specialize into…. and he replied Molecular Food in 16 Steps, and I said to my self Carlos you are in big trouble, I am a huge foodie and wine fan, therefore 16 Steps sounded like I was about to get a Molecular Food feast, without even knowing what it entitled. Continue reading La Vineria de Gualterio Bolivar

Chez Nous Restaurant at Algodon Mansion

Chez Nous Restaurant at Algodon Mansion  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  | Located in the main lobby area of the Algodon Mansion small luxury hotel in the neighborhood of Recoleta, you ask yourself in all fairness, is this a hotel with restaurant or a restaurant with a hotel. Tuesday night and Chez Nous explodes, on it own very classy and French/Argentinean charm. Executive Chef Antonio Soria and all his staff of  professional ladies make it look professional and formal, but feel cozy, welcoming and interactive, sharing all their knowledge and comments to allow you a great gastronomic experience, where their goal is to foment a culinary revolution in ArgentinaContinue reading Chez Nous Restaurant at Algodon Mansion