Nikki Harrison Speakeasy

Nikki Harrison Speakeasy by www.carlosmeliablog.comNikki Harrison Speakeasy  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  I think tonight, I might have found the best kept secret of Buenos Aires. Speakeasy, honoring the concept behind the door of this quaint New York style Sushi restaurant over Malabia Street in Palermo SOHO. Speakeasy is a word, foreign to Argentina in many ways. But, it has been very well interpreted by Andres, the young owner, of this try to be, quasi exclusive membership club.  Continue reading Nikki Harrison Speakeasy

Gurruchaga Street the OUTLET Palermo

Gurruchaga Street the OUTLET Palermo  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  TIP.!!! In the mood for a shopping spree while in Buenos Aires? Check the new Palermo over Gurruchaga Street with premium outlets with brands like Etiqueta Negra, Cardon, La Martina. All local brands with stores worldwide but almost 50% off. Yes people, believe or not, I also do outlets, not all can be Lanvin or Barney’s in your life. Gurruchaga Street in between Cordoba and Corrientes Avenue. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends


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The Clubhouse Buenos Aires

The Clubhouse Buenos Aires  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  aka a sort of a Porteño version of SOHO House in Palermo SOHO. Tucked away in a quiet, walled garden, their pool is Palermo’s best place to cool off during the hot Buenos Aires summer, if you happen to be away from some of the few hotels or short term rentals in the city offering a cool happening social outdoors pool.
Housed in a converted four-story residence in Buenos Aires’ chic Palermo Soho neighborhood, The Clubhouse is an urban Members’ Club offering a lounge, terrace, two bars, pool and garden and three Guest Rooms. The Clubhouse hosts a calendar of events including private dinners with international chefs, film screenings, rotating art exhibitions and pool parties.
This was born and conceived, as its name describes, as the clubhouse for all the short term rental tenants using the services of their sister company Oasis Collection, which offers mid to luxury properties at some to the main destination in South America. A place where all tenants can meet, socialize and network with other foreigners or most important locals.
Far from the exclusiveness and sophistication of some of the best Member’s Clubs around the globe, The Clubhouse opens the door to a redefined concept in Buenos Aires, that others have tried in the past and failed. The key to their success, is that they already have the international clientele staying at their short-term rental apartments, to whom they offer this service as a competitive advantage.

Very basic food service which includes flavors from all South and Central America – like Ceviche, Sliders, or Quesadillas – during most weekdays, and the star of a traditional “Asado” during the weekends. I spent a lovely lunch along with Parker, the founder of The Clubhouse, and Rachelle, Manager of Partnership and Sales for Oasis Collection. This project is not stoping in Buenos Aires, they are already looking for other destinations in South America, to extend the same concept, like Sao Paulo, Bogota and Punta del Este to just name a few.
Hot summer Sunday in Buenos Aires, and you don’t know where to go ? there are a few options in town without a doubt, but some of them are rather trashy and certainly not cool.  Sunday Pool parties at The Clubhouse, promise to be chic and fun, with a very mixed crowd. Gay or Straight, nobody cares. Expect a rotation of resident and guest DJs, refreshing weekly cocktail creations and food to keep you fueled.

There are several types of memberships, if you are not staying at one of their apartments. Day Membership (from Pesos 150 / USD 30). Month Membership (from Pesos 400 / USD 81). Year Membership (from Pesos 250 x month / USD 51 x month ). Now if you ask me, would I get myself a membership ? Well during cold seasons certainly NOT. During warm times, if I were visitng Buenos Aires, hmmmmm probably I would but just go for the Day Membership. Memberships are by appointments and screening interviews.
Same as many other Member’s Clubs they offer limited accommodation options. This is one of the points I was not sold at. I would not recommend anyone to stay there, unless they are either the Ultra Social or Party type. Second option would be, if you would take over the whole house, which you could if you happen to be traveling with 6 other friends. If I would have been them, I would have used that space to build a rocking fitness center/spa and on the top floor, a lovely restaurant overlooking the pool.
The points I found that I did not like were: (1) The garden, the grass and some of the common areas looked a bit tired. (2). I feel that it could become extremely overcrowded. (3). Service was very informal, which is fine, but when I was presented with the product as a private Member’s Club, I raised my standards I guess a bit too high and I was a bit deceived by the informality in the service. (4). They kept me waiting outside ringing the door bell for over 10 minutes, before someone let me in. (5). I order drinks which were on the menu and they didn’t have all the needed items available to prepare it, so the bartender kept trying to push on me a basic plain Caipirinha, when all I wanted was a refreshing Campari Spritz. But hey, as I always say, this is old spoiled me, so sometimes I can be a bit too harsh on my taste, choices and critics. They already have the seal of approval by the Wallpaper, Conde Nast Traveler, Black Book among many other international renown publications. So go, have your own experience and decide. More at and Happy Summer whichever hemisphere you are.CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends


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BEYOND Gay Martini Bar first round on Carlos Melia

BEYOND Gay Martini Bar first round on Carlos Melia  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  Hey dear travelers, here is a sweet deal for all of you living in Buenos Aires, or those planning to visit soon, all the way from warm New York. Visit the brand new Gay Martini Bar BEYOND that has opened its doors recently in Recoleta Buenos Aires. Snap the cold out of you, by mentioning Carlos Melia or and get the first round of drinks on me. For more info Salut and Chin Chin everyone. !!! CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends

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BEYOND Gay Martini Bar Buenos Aires sneak preview

BEYOND Gay Martini Bar Buenos Aires sneak preview | Buenos Aires, Argentina | Will Buenos Aires get back on its feet and revamp a sophisticated, trendy and interesting Gay Night Scene, that somehow, sometime along the way, in the last two years, has totally  been lost ? Well judging from what I have seen today, the answer is YES. BEYOND, the first ever Gay Martini Bar of Argentina and of the city of Buenos Aires, right over Juncal street, meters away from 9 de Julio Avenue in Recoleta. Today, Edgar its owner – original from Chicago, US – invited me to a sneak preview of what by late May 2012 will become, hopefully, Tuesdays thru Sundays, into the hub of the Gay Scene of Buenos Aires. Continue reading BEYOND Gay Martini Bar Buenos Aires sneak preview

LIVE from Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires

LIVE from Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  Last night I went to the Opera together with my friends and members of the Board of Directors of the Opera of Minnesota. But not to any opera house, we came to Teatro Colon, known to have one of the top acoustics in the entire world,  not said by me, but by experts like Pavarotti. The Opera we truly enjoyed with an amazing production was “La Forza del Destino” by Guisepper Verdi. Continue reading LIVE from Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires

Lapsang Souchong at tealosophy Buenos Aires

tealosophy Buenos Aires  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  one of the many marks Thailand left on me was this love and appreciation for great teas, in fact this is my third month free of coffee and I must admit that I am feeling great. The other day during my breakfast at the Palacio Duhau Park Hyatt Buenos Aires, I tasted this amazing tea that not only impress by the taste, but by the smoked aroma and the dark brown color, and I could not get over it. To the point that I became quite known in the hotel, and everyone knew what to serve me before I even opened my mouth, yeah true Park Hyatt service. But going back to the tea, I began my search for this blend, I rather ever get so much interest on things, but this became an obsession. Now the problem was that I kept calling it Smoked Darjeeling, and I was dead wrong…. the true blend was Lapsang Souchong by tealosophy, a charming tea store with two locations in Buenos Aires, and also one in Barcelona, Spain. Lapsang Souchong,  is a black tea originally from the Wuyi region of the Chinese province of Fujian, sometimes referred to as smoked tea. Lapsang is distinct from all other types of tea because lapsang leaves are traditionally smoke-dried over pinewood fires, taking on a distinctive smoky flavor. I have become addictive to it, and luckily enough seems that all luxury hotels in Buenos Aires have adopted it too, since you can find tealosophy at most properties nowadays. (special thanks to Jorgelina at Park Hyatt Buenos Aires for the present by tealosophy, you are beyond excellence in service) Lear more about tealosophy at and choose your favorite one.  CM

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EVITA Vive Show and Diner in Buenos Aires

EVITA Vive Show and Diner in Buenos Aires |  Buenos Aires, Argentina |  A new show is in town. Now not only you can enjoy a great TANGO Show and Diner while in Buenos Aires, but also this new alternative show introduces you to one of the foremost icons of Argentina the very own EVITA Peron. A Musical, her Life, her Passions and our History. Evita Vive is the new musical in Buenos Aires.

Like all notable and powerful personalities, the Evita Peron story awakens all kinds of passions and controversy. Evita’s life and her political stance and ideology have been picked up on and incorporated by the most culturally diverse sectors of Argentinean culture, used as a leading symbol and also to fight for the most underprivileged.

VIP Dinner and Show – USD 200 / VIP Show only – USD 140 / Dinner and Show – USD 120 / Show only – USD 84. Transfers IN/OUT included from central areas. (fares valid till SEP 2011) Show begins at 08.30PM.

(*) For more information or to book your show at EVITA VIVE , please  fill out the FORM below or call me at Cel. 646.460.6045 | Tel. 212.399.6161 | email @

TANGO Festival Buenos Aires

TANGO Festival of Buenos Aires ( AUG 13th. – 31st, 2010 ). If you love TANGO then August is the right time to visit the city of Buenos Aires and experience the best of the best. ( more info ).
Gay Tango also has its own festival – Festival Tango Queer – which takes place ( NOV 22nd. – 28th. ) find out more TANGO Queer.

(*) Other Gay Tango Show that you should experience in the city of Buenos Aires is LA MARSHALL.