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Back to La Bamba de Areco  |  San Antonio de Areco, Argentina  |  Because you should ALWAYS return and shared with loved ones, the best things in life, I chose to take Rubin to Estancia La Bamba de Areco, during our last visit to Buenos Aires. This is my second time at this Estancia, and believe me I have seen and experienced many, during my childhood and adult life as a native Argentinean, and this one is the one I choose to visit over and over. San Antonio de Areco, is one of my favorite retreats when visiting Buenos Aires, back to the Cradle of Gauchos culture and roots. Continue reading Back to La Bamba de Areco

Estancia La Bamba de Areco

Estancia La Bamba de Areco  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina |  I have been to San Antonio de Areco multiple times in previous visits to Buenos Aires, but I must say that never before in such style and sophistication. Ideally located only 120 km from Buenos Aires and close to San Antonio de Areco in the heart of the Pampa, one of the oldest estancias in Argentina, recently renovated with great care as a boutique hotel, successfully combines luxurious comfort and colonial elegance. San Antonio de Areco, is one of my favorite gateways, when I visit the city of Buenos Aires. Continue reading Estancia La Bamba de Areco

Gauchos and Folklore at La Bamba de Areco

Gauchos and Folklore at La Bamba de Areco  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  Over the weekend on my search for off the beaten path luxury experiences outside Buenos Aires, I came to the rural area of San Antonio de Areco, known by many as the cradle of the Guacho culture, right in the heart of the region known as La Pampa. For this I visited and stayed overnight at Estancia La Bamba de Areco, located approximately two hours from the city of Buenos Aires.  Continue reading Gauchos and Folklore at La Bamba de Areco

My day exploring San Antonio de Areco

My day exploring San Antonio de Areco  |  San Antonio de Areco, Argentina  |  Located only 90 minutes away from the city of Buenos Aires, you can immerse yourself into the deep cradle of traditions of Argentina and the Gaucho culture. See my previous post on San Antonio de Areco HERE. A day with great food, wine and ranch activities.  Continue reading My day exploring San Antonio de Areco

Chimichurri Recipe right from San Antonio de Areco

Chimichurri Recipe right from San Antonio de Areco  |  San Antonio de Areco, Argentina |  If you love food as much as I do, you must try Chimichurri. The most traditional and renown Argentinean sauce, that goes very well with any type of meats, bread, salads…. you name it. Here is the traditional recipe I got today right from the kitchen of Estancia El Ombu, in San Antonio de Areco, cradle of Argentinean traditions, and from the hands of a local Paisana (aka. female Gaucho). Better than this… impossible. Enjoy it and let me know. CM
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Estancia Villa Maria the perfect venue for a Gay Wedding

Estancia Villa Maria the perfect venue for a Gay Wedding  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  Selected as one of the prime states in South America, conveniently located only one hour away from the city of Buenos Aires, in the district of Maximiliano Paz you find this stunning old British-style manor house built in 1924 by Alejandro Bustillo, renown Argentinean architect. Estancia Villa Maria represents with excellence the concept of a a true Argentinean Estancia of the Belle Epoque. Turn nowadays into a small countryside hotel, and event venue surrounded by 74 hectares of incredible parklands including an outdoor pool, a private pond and Polo fields. In 2010 this estancia was chosen by famous Canadian singer Michael Buble for his wedding  which took place en Argentina. Now I happy to announce that will bring my first big project as a Gay Wedding Planner, to Estancia Villa Maria.  This was my second visit to the Estancia and I always want to come back for more. Continue reading Estancia Villa Maria the perfect venue for a Gay Wedding

GPS Carlos Melia in Buenos Aires Argentina

GPS Carlos Melia in Buenos Aires Argentina  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  Well my friends and followers, the family holidays are almost over, we only have the excuse of  celebrating the arrival of the Magi, but after that its finito… and though still remaining in Buenos Aires for another week and something, it is time to get back to work, and I cannot wait for it. From tomorrow on, I will be staying, researching and reviewing the following great services in Buenos Aires and suburbs: Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires, Palacio Duhau – Park Hyatt Buenos Aires, Serena Hotel Buenos Aires and Algodon Mansion by Relais & Chateux. Chez Nous Restaurant, Tango Porteño Dinner/Show and Estancia Villa Maria, yes yes yes… the same where Michael Buble got married. Cheers and stay tuned. CM

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Estancia Day at San Antonio de Areco

Estancia Day at San Antonio de Areco |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  | San Antonio de Areco is probably the prettiest town in the Pampas. and one of the top ten places to visit in Argentina, according to the Lonely Planet Guide. Enjoy and experience the cultural legacy of the Gauchos, old traditions and local craftmanship in this colonial little town. One full day program, with 04 alternative options. Touching history (including Homemade Delights and Artisan’s Paradise), Town of Gauchos, Natural Areco, and Relax in the Countryside.

The basic tour consists on the Touching History Option. Which includes round trip from Buenos Aires to San Antonio de Areco, with pick up at your hotel. All services are either in private of small groups of max. 07 people. ( Modern Hyundai H1 Vans ).
Visit an Estancia “ BAMBA Chica Estancia “, experience the best of the GUACHO culture, food and heitage. Enjoy your day away Buenos Aires horseback ridding, horse whispering or just lying  and sunbathing at the pool. The best full day escape from Buenos Aires. Visits to the silver store and museum Draghi, several local Pulperias and Chocolate factories.

The first SUNDAY of NOVEMBER is the best time to visit San Antorio de Areco for the yearly commemoration of The Guacho’s Festival. Ask for special packages and groups.

Touching History Tour | from USD 200 x person (*)
Guided Tour by Van of the main historic points + Lunch at a typical restaurant + Guided tour of the Gauchesco Guiraldes Museum + Walking tour of the Colonial Town + Visit to the Artisan’s workshop + Homemade delights at a Pulperia.
The Artisan’s Paradise, consists on Draghi’s Museum +     Gasparini’s Atelier + Textile’s workshop + Handmade Pottery + Leather crafts + Hot Chocolate and Alfajores “local cookies” Factory
Homemade Delights, consists on Hot Chocolate and Alfajores “local cookies” Factory + Local homemade delis like sausages, cheese and a local microbrewery.

(extra) Town of Gauchos Tour
Tour of Gauchos old bars “ Pulperias “. Horseback ridding + Asado Barbecue + Horse drawn carriage ride.

(extra) Natural Areco
Canoe trip along the Arceo river + Asado Barbecue at an Estancia (farm) + Native Vegetation + Bike ride or Visit to an Organic Greenhouse.

(extra) Relax in the Countryside
Horse drawn carriage ride + Asado Barcecue at an Estancia (farm) + Hammam’s Spa Session.
From my own experience I can tell: San Antonio de Areco is the ideal day away from the city of Buenos Aires, learning about the local Gaucho culture, with the best taste of a local barbecue “ASADO” and with the option of Horseback Ridding along the Pampas. Also enjoy a Horse Whispering session and local Gaucho Rhythm Dance Class. The visit to BAMBA CHICA was the highlight where  you will spend half of the day enjoying the best food and local wines, horseback ridding, horse whispering, outdoor pool among other activities subject to the season and weather conditions. Guillermo, the guide, is a local resident of San Antonio de Areco and eager to show all his knowledge and pride to be original from this amazing Guacho settlement right in the Pampas. San Antonio de Areco, is 02 hours away from the city of Buenos Aires, right in the Pampas of Argentina. The visit includes San Antonio de Areco town and suburbs, Pulperias “ Gaucho’s bars “, Museum Draghi and Bamba Chica Estancia.
For those interested on further exploring the area and staying overnight to see the REAL life and happening of a typical Gaucho town, their Pulperias ( aka. restaurants/bars ), there are several interesting Boutique Hotel options that we can plan for your stay. Paradores Draghi next to the Draghi Museum. Antigua Casona Hotel. Patios de Moreno.

(*) Prices are subject to the number of people doing the tour on the date of your choice. If a group of a minimum 03 people are already book and you join this group, the cost per person is USD 200 (including meals). If the tour is Private only for you or for your party, then the prices are as follows: 01 person USD 320 / 02 pax. USD 220 per person / 03 pax. USD 195 per person / 04 pax. USD 190 per person.

(**) Estancia Day at San Antonio de Areco. For bookings or inquiries do not hesitate to contact me. | 347.944.0026 | 212.399.6161 | Toll Free US. 800.729.7472 ext 205

Estancia Villa Maria Buenos Aires

Estancia Villa Maria ( Buenos Aires ) Considered to be one of the top in South America and one of the most distinguished rural hotels in Argentina. Located one hour away from the city of Buenos Aires, in between the districts of Ezeiza and Cañuelas. A great way to begin or finish your stay in Argentina and Buenos Aires, due to the proximity to the Ezeiza International Airport.
The Estancia (700 hectares) offers many options, the Estancia Villa Maria Hotel, Polo fields, Tennis, Golfing. For each of these ventures, they have gone for the best, branding with some of the most relevant exponents worldwide to assure your best experience: POLO by Ignacio Figueras, Tennis by Guillermo Vilas, Professional Equestrian Center by George Morris, Golf by Randall Thompson. They will be opening 2011 the Spa, where they will offer among others revitalization treatments, thalasotherapy, an indoors/outdoors heated pool, steam room, sauna, hydro-masage, yoga….

The Hotel, with its 11 suites, placed in this historic British style Manor house of the Estancia, surrounded by 74 hectares of incredible parkland. The hotel combines the best of each world… the luxury and service of a 05 stars hotel, with the coziness and ambience of a traditional Argentinean Estancia.

Rooms are HUGE and very comfortable. The one on the video was my suite with 2 living room areas, 2 balconies, a full bathroom with amenities by L’Occitane. WiFi free access, Flat Screen, AC, Safe. 300 Strands Egyptian cotton sheets, Pillow menu, Egyptian robes and towels. Room service.
Gastronomy and original cuisine oriented to traditional Argentinean dishes. Lamb rolls, sweetbreads, steak… typical Asados for lunch. A cuisine of regional products. This to my point of view would be the only aspect of the whole experience they need to put some extra effort. Lunch, Tea and Wine Tasting was amazing. Dinner and Breakfast not so much.
At night you may also take part on the Wine Tasting experiences, conducted by Juan who is very knowledgeable and eager to teach you everything about wine, the making process and the wine marriage. Depending on the groups, wine tastings are conducted either at the lounge or at the private CAVA.
Some of the activities at the Estancia are: (Outdoors) Horseback Ridding, Carriage Rides, Swimming Pool, Tennis, Volleyball, Soccer, Bike Rides, Walks in the park. (Indoors) Pool, DVDs Library, Table games, Library.
Packages and Options: You may visit the Estancia just for the day,  Dia de Campo ( 10AM – 06 PM, USD 100 + VAT per person including full access to all activities of the Estancia + Lunch and Tea ). Or you may stay Overnight ( from USD 150 + VAT per room per person on DBL base, included full board and access to activities). My recommendation if you are a couple or two people, then just go for the overnight package. For the extra USD 50 you will get a fabulous dinner and breakfast, plus to enjoy the magic of this beautiful Estancia at night. (transfers IN/OUT are not included but available upon request). There are also several other options and packages such us Honeymoon, Romantic Nights, Polo Experience among others…
Polo plays a big role at this Estancia. Planned by renown international polo player and image of Polo Ralph Lauren – Ignacio Figueras. If you want to have your own experience either by watching, taking lessons of playing then Estancia Villa Maria is the right place to do so.

(*) Check the FULL Photo Album at Estancia Villa Maria. All pictures are property of Carlos Melia.

(**) Special Thanks to: Juan Giacalone – Estancia Villa Maria, Diego Plottier – NEXUS Consultora and all the staff of Estancia Villa Maria.