24 Hours exploring Rome

24 Hours exploring Rome by www.carlosmeliablog.com24 Hours exploring Rome   |  Rome, Italy  |  So on our last and recent visit to Italy, we arrived to Rome, and literally we had 24 hours to explore the entire city. This was not my first time there, but yes the first one reporting for my blog. So we got in touch with a local tour operator who took care of us from the minute we arrived to the airport, till the moment we left Rome, onwards to our next adventure in the Tuscan Valley and Florence. ANDIAMO Travel was the company we chose for the challenge of discovering Rome, Florence and Venice in only 6 days. After a week and a half of exploring Italy, thanks to the expert local eye, knowledge and expertise of their tour guides, we can say that we DID IT. !!!  Continue reading 24 Hours exploring Rome

St Petersburg’s million dollars list

St Petersburg’s million dollars list   |   St Petersburg, Russia  |  This list is worth millions ha ha ha … or at list it will cost so, after we visit all these stunning restaurants. Top restaurants and attractions to visit while in St Petersburg. On top of the restaurants mentioned above, here are the attractions you cannot miss. Of course you can do them ALL on your own, but a tour guide will always provide you with a better understanding, further in detail information and a quick path through attractions like the Hermitage, which otherwise would take you days, even thought still missing probably some of the most relevant highlights. Check out and follow my Instagram Photo Album on Russia. Continue reading St Petersburg’s million dollars list