Once you go SMART you never go back

Now I know why the called them SMART |  Miami, Florida |  Ok, this time I tried to be original and unpredictable. I came to Miami and decided to have my own SMART Car experience for my daily 40 minutes commute from South Beach to Fort Lauderdale. And yes you read right 40 minutes, because when renting a SMART Car, the only thing you are missing is the DRAMA of finding a free parking space in South Beach for your oversized car or SUV.
I have seen them all over Europe, but was never brave enough to try them. So this time, since I am traveling solo for most part of my trip, I said… OK give it a try. My main concerns were (1). Speed, (2). Comfort, (3) Security. Once I got my SMART from the rental company, and I was able to move from the initial …”OMG you are a CUTE daredevil…” I completely fell in love with it. And after a full day driving it around Florida State, I can day that Once you go SMART you never go back…. mmmm where have I heard this phrase before…. ? I got on the I95 this morning, and I must admit that in the beginning I felt very intimidated, but after five minutes I was so proud of my little fellow.
What can I say…. plenty of leg room, air conditioning, glass rooftop, and the most shocking, the multiple option of either stick shift or automatic. Not either or, but BOTH. Fuel efficient, and I mean very efficient.
So trust me. If you are traveling SOLO or with a plus one and not a lot of luggage, consider this option. The total value, including insurance for a FULL WEEK. USD 200. And I am not expecting to spend too much on gas, from what I have seen as for today. CM

Next Stops Miami and Ft. Lauderdale

Next Stops Miami and Ft. Lauderdale |  Florida |  I am off next week to Miami Beach and Ft. Lauderdale to spend a full week of work and relaxation. The main reason of my trip, is that I have been invited by the IGLTA to be a Guest Speaker at their Annual International Congress “Unleashed” to take place May 10 – 15th. During this week I will be also experiencing and reviewing four properties in Miami Beach – The TIDES South Beach, Canyon Ranch Miami, The Palms and the new self proclaimed gay hotel of Miami The Lord’s.  If you see me driving around on a little SMART car…. say Hi, since I will be testing for the first time my own SMART experience. Finally I want to invite you to come to the Wilton Manors gay village  IGLTA Consumer Trade Show & Festival which will take place on – MAY 13th. from 6PM – 10PM – out in the open. There, CarlosMeliaBlog will have its own Booth, so please come by and say HI. !!!! (more to come)  CM

Find your Sunny in Greater Ft. Lauderdale. Go Luxe. Go Fab. Go all OUT in Greater Fort Lauderdale. They are rolling out the rainbow carpet to welcome us to the IGLTA Annual Global Convention May 10-15, in one of America’s “favorite gay resort town.” Greater Fort Lauderdale has more than 150 gay owned establishments including hotels, bars, clubs and restaurants.