Carlos Melia The Gay Wedding Planner by

Carlos Melia The Gay Wedding Planner by  |  |  First part of the interview with about Same-Sex-Marriage and my role as an International Gay Wedding Planner. Read the full article at Zankyou provides this service to all couples without exception. Zankyou is the best gift registry service for couples who don’t need to fill up their homes with physical gifts. CM

New York Gay Pride March 2011

New York Gay Pride March 2011 |  New York City |  This year more than ever, New York City celebrated its annual Gay Pride March that runs along 5th. Avenue from 36th. Street to the West Village. The main topic this year was of course the Same Sex Marriage bill approved hours before the March. This year, like I have done in Spain (Madrid) and Belgium (Antwerp), I got a March Media Pass, and here I brought to you the Pride March seen from within, documented with photos and videos. Continue reading New York Gay Pride March 2011

Gay Marriage Equality in New York City

Gay Marriage Equality in New York City | New York City | Today is a historic day and a victory for equality and justice – it is the culmination of many years of work by the Pride Agenda and others across the state. We are thrilled that finally, 30 days after the Governor signs the bill into law, all loving, committed New Yorkers will be able to make the commitment of marriage here in the Empire State. Today, we’re celebrating PRIDE with a bit more dignity and a bit more equality — but tomorrow, we have more work to do. We hope you’re up for it, because we definitely are! Continue reading Gay Marriage Equality in New York City

Pier 54 getting ready for Gay Pride NY

Pier 54 getting ready for Gay Pride NY | New York, Chelsea Piers |  And the count down began. The tents are up, the stage is being built and the trucks are on the pier unloading the music and light system, for next weekend Dance on the Pier 2011 event. Dance on the Pier takes place right after the Gay Pride MARCH which takes place along 5ht Avenue from 36th Street  ending at Christopher & Greenwich Streets. And this year it promises to be HUGE being the unofficial rumors around, that Gay Marriage will be approved in New York during the course of next week. So all the good reasons to go out celebrate an be proud. Continue reading Pier 54 getting ready for Gay Pride NY

Urge your Legislators to support Gay Marriage NOW

Urge your Legislators to support Gay Marriage NOW |  New York |  CLICK HERE NOW | TAKE ACTION NOW New York. Now is the time for Marriage Equality to become a reality in New York State. But we can’t do it without you. Your legislators need to hear from you TODAY. Enter at Empire State Pride Agenda and express your right to be treated as EQUAL. As I always say …”My native language might be Gay, but I am fluent in Straight, everyone is welcome…” Today is your turn to become fluent in Gay and help US regardless of you sexual orientation, religion, ethnic group, nationality. We need your help to be free to love who WE WANT to love. Share this with friends and family, colleagues and other acquaintances. I did it now is your turn, One by One we will WIN. Continue reading Urge your Legislators to support Gay Marriage NOW

The Gay Wedding Planner by Carlos Melia

The Gay Wedding Planner by Carlos Melia |  I am happy and excited to announce that after many frustrated attempts, yes I also have frustrations ha ha ha, I have close my first Big Gay Wedding where I, Carlos Melia will be the official Travel Agent and The Gay Wedding Planner. Although I am not allowed to share much information, I can tell that it will be a big event for a very influential couple to be covered by a very prominent international gay publication. Destination, location and venue will remain private. That is as much as I will tell for now. Gay Weddings, wedding planning and gay honeymoons are a whole new professional challenge, that I welcome with open arms and hope to grow in the future. More to come over the next few month, just wanted to share this exciting news. CM

Love is in the Air Gay Wedding at ICEHotel

Love is in the Air Gay Wedding at ICEHotel | SAS Scandinavian Airlines + Visit Sweden + ICEHotel made it happen by their LOVE is in the Air event. Yesterday DEC 09 we all witnessed the love and commitment of this young couple from North Carolina – Thomas Landreth and Brett KesslerContinue reading Love is in the Air Gay Wedding at ICEHotel

Gay Marriage now happening in Mar del Plata

Gay Marriage now happening in Mar del Plata • Since I have got here I have been listening over and over from many hotels and ballrooms… the phrase ” OH you do gay travel… we are getting some wedding bookings here in Mar del Plata and all over the coast area of Buenos Aires…” Way to go…. !!!!
And this was confirmed to me this morning while taking my morning coffee and reading LA CAPITAL newspaper… (to be honest I was in a narcissist act of finding  my face on the front cover of this newspaper ha ha ha …. but they told me that would be tomorrow… ha ha ha…. maybe. !!!). There you go ANOTHER great reason to visit Mar del Plata. CM

Gay Marriage NOW coming to Uruguay. ?

Gay Marriage NOW coming to Uruguay.? Today while I was having my breakfast at Casa los Jazmines, to my surprise, Gay Marriage coming to Uruguay was one of the main topics of the Sunday edition of EL PAIS newspaper (among the most important in Uruguay), together with an very interesting article about Gay Adoption. It seems the domino effect once again is working between Argentina and Uruguay, and this time looks like it would be in favor to our community and rights. Uruguay already has the Civil Union, and soon I see the Gay Marriage passing. Both Lacalle and, for Sanguinetti former presidents of Uruguay pronounced their points of view in favor to same sex couples to be honored with the same rights as straight couples, with their own restrictions. Lacalle supports more the position of same rights without the use of the name or institution of Marriage, and is not in favor to the adoption. On the other hand, Sanguinetti, with a more liberal and pro gay attitude goes for the full rights.

So it seems that the new trend will be to GO SOUTH if you want to get married. And I at CM by Carlos Melia will be waiting to coordinate all the travel and wedding arrangements. It is an exciting time to be in this part of the world. CM