Hotel Check IN Nobis Hotel Stockholm

Hotel Check IN Nobis Hotel Stockholm  |  Stockholm, Sweden  |  Just arrived tonight to Stockholm in Sweden and this time I checked IN at the Nobis Hotel by Design Hotels. Been here for less than two hours. Walked around the property and it looks quite interesting. See the video of my room and some photos that I did as I was exploring the property. Nobis Hotel is an independent, 201-room first class, luxury hotel in Stockholm, Sweden occupying a prime spot on Norrmalmstorg square, the single most central and attractive location in the downtown area.  Continue reading Hotel Check IN Nobis Hotel Stockholm

Skeppsholmen Hotel Stockholm

Skeppsholmen Hotel | Stockholm, Skeppsholmen Island, Sweden   I would risk to say that from now on, Skeppsholmen Hotel is among my top choice of hotels around the world. I would certainly come over and visit over and over. You may find it basic or not luxurious enough. But to me, same as always, Skeppsholmen Hotel gave me the true Stockholm experience that I was looking for. Design style, boutique, small venue, personalized service, warm atmosphere, amazing views of Stockholm city and fun crowd.  Continue reading Skeppsholmen Hotel Stockholm