GPS Carlos Melia heading to Sweden

GPS Carlos Melia heading to Sweden  |  Stockholm, Sweden  |  So happy to be back in Stockholm for the second time. Thank you Visit Sweden and all those involved for welcoming me once again. Looking forward to see Stockholm, this time without snow. More coming along on the next three days. Carlos Melia Luxury Travel Curator –

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ICEHOTEL Sweden my own Arctic experience

ICEHOTEL Sweden my own Arctic experience | Jukkasjärvi, Sweden |  Have you ever dreamt on one of those warm nights of summer, to be sleeping on top of a huge bar of ICE.? Well then, how about spending two night at a hotel, all made out of ICE.? How does that sound…. freezing right? Indeed. That was my experience last December 2010 at the ICEHOTEL in Sweden. One of the trips I will never, ever forget. We were there just the week before of the season opening, so we got access to the whole hotel both front and back. What is ICEHOTEL? A hotel built of ice and snow, would be the most common response. The first and the largest in the world, someone might add. But we they more thrilling stories to tell.  Continue reading ICEHOTEL Sweden my own Arctic experience

Dog Sledding in the Arctic

Dog Sledding in the Arctic | Kiruna, Sweden | Who would imagine, that right after flying from New York to Stockholm and connecting to Kiruna in the Arctic, you will be greeted by over 3 dozens of Snow Dogs to transfer you to the ICEHOTEL. What an amazing and unexpected experience I will not forget for the rest of my life. The staff of the ICEHOTEL gave us our heavy Arctic gear and set us in a journey of approximately 2 hours, including a brief technical stop to taste local delicatessens and drinks, to an amazing white adventure.  Continue reading Dog Sledding in the Arctic

Millesgarden Museum, Park and Garden

Millesgarden Museum, Park and Garden | Stockholm, Sweden | The newly married artist couple Carl and Olga Milles acquired a property 1906 on the cliff of Herserud high above lake Värtan on the island of Lidingö. Their intention was to build a home incorporating space for their art studios. During my last visit to Stockholm I spent a whole morning walking around the breathtaking white capped gardens, to finish inside the house with a private lunch with the director of the Museum, the only and only “… Randy…” trust me a complete character.  Continue reading Millesgarden Museum, Park and Garden

Stockholm Cafes put the Sweet in Swedish

Stockholm Cafes put the Sweet in Swedish | The New York Times said it out loud this morning on their Sunday Travel Section and I fully second that. During my last visit to Sweden and Stockholm, two weeks ago, I had the chance to experience this myself, and I completely agree.  Continue reading Stockholm Cafes put the Sweet in Swedish

Glass Blowing in Stockholm, blow harder…

Glass Blowing in Stockholm, blow harder…  | Skansen, Stockholm, Sweden | During your visit to Skansen, do not miss the Glass Blowing exhibition and store, with the chance to have your own experience blowing the expert…. ( hmmmmmmm did I say it right ? well that is what he kept saying all the time we were there…. Blow Harder…. ). Continue reading Glass Blowing in Stockholm, blow harder…

Den Gyldene Freden Restaurant

Den Gyldene Freden Restaurant | Stockholm, Sweden | One of the most traditional and chic 18th century Tavern that since 1972 has been serving authentic Swedish dishes. We had an amazing lunch right at the lower cellar vault. Located in the area of Gamla Stan, in the old town of Stockholm. It’s one of Sweden’s most well-known restaurants and the oldest restaurant in the world to have the same surroundings, which is noticed in the Guinness book of records. Continue reading Den Gyldene Freden Restaurant

Skansen open air Museum

Skansen open air Museum | Stockholm, Sweden |Artur Hazelius was born in Stockholm in 1833 and died at Skansen in 1901. In founding Skansen, in 1891, he created the world’s first open-air museum. The creation of Skansen is related to the romantic ideas and the patriotic spirit of the latter part the nineteenth century, both of which strongly influenced Hazelius. Skansen consists of the oldest open-air museum in the world and the Stockholm zoo, with a beautiful location on Royal Djurgården and a view over all of Stockholm.  Continue reading Skansen open air Museum

The Vasa Museum

The Vasa Museum | Stockholm, Sweden | from Wreck to STATE OF THE ART. Get up close and personal to one of the world best preserved and and only surviving 17th. century warship.  From concept to disaster. Vasa was an unparalleled Swedish status symbol. The foundation of the ship was constructed incorrectly – and it sank after its first voyage of roughly one kilometer.  Continue reading The Vasa Museum

Fotografiska Museet and Christopher Makos

Fotografiska Museet and Christopher Makos  | Stockholm, Sweden | What can go wrong when you gather and combine the best of the best in Art, Fashion, Charisma, Talent, along with iconic celebrities and you expose all these  into one of the most wonderful art venues right in Stockholm City.? You get a freaking AMAZING exposition where all your senses are challenged and take part, where you just want to remain there watching each piece for the thousand time. Fotografiska is a MUST see and visit during your visit to Stockholm.  Continue reading Fotografiska Museet and Christopher Makos