Secret Love at Ostasiatiska Museet

Secret Love at Ostasiatiska Museet  |  Stockholm, Sweden  |  If there is something I love to do when I visit Stockholm, is to come and see the multiple exhibitions that happen all year round and all over the city. My favorites are the photography exhibitions, that you might find at the Fotografiska Museet or in this case at the Ostasiatiska MuseetContinue reading Secret Love at Ostasiatiska Museet

Dog Sledding in the Arctic

Dog Sledding in the Arctic | Kiruna, Sweden | Who would imagine, that right after flying from New York to Stockholm and connecting to Kiruna in the Arctic, you will be greeted by over 3 dozens of Snow Dogs to transfer you to the ICEHOTEL. What an amazing and unexpected experience I will not forget for the rest of my life. The staff of the ICEHOTEL gave us our heavy Arctic gear and set us in a journey of approximately 2 hours, including a brief technical stop to taste local delicatessens and drinks, to an amazing white adventure.  Continue reading Dog Sledding in the Arctic

Snowmobiling in Jukkasjaroi Sweden

Snowmobiling in Jukkasjaroi Sweden | Today was a very exciting day. Right after breakfast and the only few hours of daylight you get here in Jukkasjaroi ( Sweden ) during the winter, out tour guide tells us… ” I have a big surprise for all of you…” So we say HEYYYYY what more Lingonberries, or Dog Sledge or….. but certainly we could not have guessed what was coming.  Continue reading Snowmobiling in Jukkasjaroi Sweden