Imàgo Restaurant at Hassler Hotel

Imàgo Restaurant at Hassler Hotel by Imàgo Restaurant at Hassler Hotel  |  Rome, Italy  |  If your plan for the evening is to enjoy an unique Michelin starred gastronomic experience along with the breathtaking views of the Eternal City of Rome, various monuments and cupolas on the horizon, , then Imàgo should be on the top of your list. Located in the heart of Rome’s City Centre, at the rooftop – 6th floor – of the Hassler Hotel, right off to the Spanish Steps. Imàgo offers unique views over the city, greeted by a beautiful life-size painting that fills each window of this spectacular location loved by the Roman locals and international guests alike. Continue reading Imàgo Restaurant at Hassler Hotel

24 Hours exploring Rome

24 Hours exploring Rome by www.carlosmeliablog.com24 Hours exploring Rome   |  Rome, Italy  |  So on our last and recent visit to Italy, we arrived to Rome, and literally we had 24 hours to explore the entire city. This was not my first time there, but yes the first one reporting for my blog. So we got in touch with a local tour operator who took care of us from the minute we arrived to the airport, till the moment we left Rome, onwards to our next adventure in the Tuscan Valley and Florence. ANDIAMO Travel was the company we chose for the challenge of discovering Rome, Florence and Venice in only 6 days. After a week and a half of exploring Italy, thanks to the expert local eye, knowledge and expertise of their tour guides, we can say that we DID IT. !!!  Continue reading 24 Hours exploring Rome

The First Luxury Art Hotel Roma

The First Luxury Art Hotel Roma by www.carlosmeliablog.comThe First Luxury Art Hotel Roma | Rome, Italy |  During our recent and latest stay in Rome, which BTW was very brief, we wanted to have a very well located hotel. A property that in the short time we had, would make us truly feel in Rome. Therefore we decided to go for a small boutique property, and I think we found the right one. The First Luxury Art Hotel Roma, this 19th century nobleman’s palace has been turned, after restorations, into an elegant and refine small hotel. Just a short walk from Via del Corso, Piazza del Popolo, the Spanish Steps and most relevant attractions in Rome. I would define this property as Home Made Luxury, giving you all the services of a five star hotel, with the feeling of a home. Art places a great part of the concept, a curated lively space where guest can enjoy a cultural experience.  Continue reading The First Luxury Art Hotel Roma

Away in Italy for the next few days

Exploring Rome by Andiamo Travel Tours by www.carlosmeliablog.comAway in Italy for the next few days  |  Italy  | Dear followers and friends, I will be away in Italy along with my partner Rubin Singer, touring around Rome, Florence and Venice on a well deserved holidays for both of us. Of course I cannot help myself and I will be sharing and reporting everything. I wont be posting much here at during this week, but you may follow my instant posts at CarlosMeliaBlog instagram or CarlosMeliaBlog Facebook Profile. Hope you enjoy our journey. Here just a few photos of our first day exploring Rome on an excellent private tour by Andiamo Travel. Private Mercedes-Benz Car + Driver + Expert Connoisseur Roman Guide.  Continue reading Away in Italy for the next few days