Exploring Florence in four hours

Exploring Florence in four hours by www.carlosmeliablog.comExploring Florence in four hours  |  Florence, Italy  |  During our last visit to Italy, we spent two night in Florence… well actually in Fiesole at the lovely and exclusive Villa San Michele by Belmond, we came down to Florence a few times to explore the city and also to enjoy some lovely dinners like the one we had at the Il Palaggio by Four Seasons Firenze. The fact that Villa San Michele had a regular shuttle connecting the hotel with the Piazza de la Repubblica in only 15 minutes, made our stay truly magical allowing us to enjoy the best of Florence as a traditional destination, and the peace and charm of the Fiesole, overlooking Florence from the top of the hills. For our tours, same as in Rome and Venice, we hired the expert services of Andiamo Travel and their staff of local knowledgeable and professional guides. In only a few hours, on a very tight schedule to see three main destinations in only 6 days, they managed to give us a full introduction to each of them. Continue reading Exploring Florence in four hours

Ponte Vecchio Florence

Ponte Vecchio Florence by www.carlosmeliablog.comPonte Vecchio Florence  |  Florence, Italy  |  One of the must see and visit highlights of Florence is, without a doubt, the Ponte Vecchio or Old Bridge, erected over the narrowest point of the Arno River in Medieval stone, connecting via the Vasari Corridor, the Palazzo Vecchio (Florence’s town hall) with the Palazzo Pitti. It has always hosted shops and merchants who displayed their goods on tables before their premises, the present tenants are jewelers, art dealers and souvenir sellers.  Continue reading Ponte Vecchio Florence

Cucina Tradizionale Boccadama

Cucina Tradizionale Boccadama by www.carlosmeliablog.comCucina Tradizionale Boccadama  |  Florence, Italy  |  For those that say, I only do luxury, not that I am ashamed of that AT ALL ha ha ha, but here it goes a local insider tip on the BEST Lasagna I have had in my life, at a very basic and traditional restaurant in Florence, right at Pizza Santa Croce. Cucina Tradizionale BoccadamaContinue reading Cucina Tradizionale Boccadama

Villa San Michele Florence

Villa San Michele Florence by www.carlosmeliablog.com Villa San Michele Florence |Florence, Italy |  The best of Florence away from Florence. Locate in Fiesole, just 15 minutes away from the center of Florence, a former monastery nestled on a hilltop amid lush trees and terrace gardens, this luxury boutique hotel enjoys unparalleled views across Florence. Fiesole, one of Florence’s most scenic regions, Villa San Michele overlooks the historic city and the Arno Valley below. A 15th-century national monument, Villa San Michele is a work of art in itself. Frescoes and ancient carvings decorate its rooms, while its formal Italian gardens are a delightful retreat. Sit on a private terrace surrounded by woodland, birdsong and the cypress-studded Chianti hills. Superb Tuscan cuisine and fine wines are served on a beautiful alfresco loggia. And yet the treasures of Florence are close at hand. Experience all the elegance of Italy’s great history and culture, while enjoying the ambience of a private home.  Continue reading Villa San Michele Florence

Il Palagio at Four Seasons Firenze

Il Palagio at Four Seasons Firenze by www.carlosmelaiblog.comIl Palagio at Four Seasons Firenze  |  Florence, Italy  |  Dinner last night at Il Palagio by Four Seasons Florence with Rubin, was just P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N. I would call it comfortably elegant, a true gourmet experience for all senses. From the moment you walk into the Palazzo della Gherardesca, you get a sense of place, a sanctuary of sophistication and high class. Located in Borgo Pinti, only 10 minutes away from our hotel the Villa San Michele. This Michelin-starred restaurant by Executive Chef Vito Mollica and his professional team, captures the magic of Florence – authentic Italian cuisine, superb wines and an exquisite indoor-outdoor setting. Exceptional local offerings, food that’s meant to be savoured with our equally outstanding wine list – more than 400 exquisite wines, including 50 served by the glass. Inventive and authentic, stylish but relaxed, Il Palagio offers one of the most memorable dining experiences and settings of all the restaurants in FlorenceContinue reading Il Palagio at Four Seasons Firenze

Relais Borgo Santo Pietro Tuscany

Relais Borgo Santo Pietro Tuscany by www.carlosmeliablog.comRelais Borgo Santo Pietro Tuscany  |  Florence, Italy  |  One of the best decisions I made while curating this fabulous trip to Italy, was to choose driving from Rome to Florence, over taking the train. It took us approx. four hours and a half, door-to-door from our hotel in Rome, The First Hotel (which BTW was lovely, and I will blog about soon) to our new hotel the very lovely Villa San Michele by Orient-Express in Fiesole, up on the hills overlooking Florence. And the second best decision, was to stop for lunch at the uber chic Relais Borgo Santo Pietro in Tuscany. We left Rome around 10.30PM and by 1.30PM we were seated overlooking the Tuscan Valley and drinking local wine over a fantastic gourmet experience. Like someone said “There is nothing like drinking wine at La Toscana”. Continue reading Relais Borgo Santo Pietro Tuscany