THAI Cooking Class at the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

FullSizeRender 10THAI Cooking Class at the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok  |  BangkokThailand  | After a long night out in Bangkok which began in full luxury and ended up right in the underground scene, I was awake pretty early, with a pounding headache and hangover, but determine to conquer the day ahead, which included an full morning Thai Cooking Class at The Oriental Thai Cooking School of the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, follow by a 3-hours Khlong tour of Bangkok. So my first stop was shades to conceal the damage of my late night out, and ultra healthy breakfast over an ultra spicy Khao Tom soup to sweat away the many bottles of Champagne I had. After that I was ready to start my day and master the arts of Traditional Thai Cooking. See and follow my full Instagram Photo Gallery on BangkokContinue reading THAI Cooking Class at the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

ALLEGRO Helsinki to St Petersburg

ALLEGRO from Helsinki to St Petersburg  |  Finland to Russia  |  The ALLEGRO is the new speed train connecting Helsinki, Finland to St Petersburg in Russia. In only 3 hours and 30 minutes, I was in Russia, having enjoyed a very pleasant and comfortable ride, with lovely views of the country side. This is when I ask myself, why flying when you can take a train. Check out and follow my Instagram Photo Album on RussiaContinue reading ALLEGRO Helsinki to St Petersburg

GPS Carlos Melia boarding the ALLEGRO

GPS Carlos Melia boarding the ALLEGRO  |  Finland to Russia  |  Russia here I come. About to board the ALLEGRO speed train that connects Helsinki, Finland to St Petersburg, Russia in approx. 4 hours. So excited… running out of pendings on my 2012 Travel Bucket List.  Check out and follow my Instagram Photo Album on RussiaContinue reading GPS Carlos Melia boarding the ALLEGRO

My afternoon exploring Helsinki

My afternoon exploring Helsinki  |  Helsinki, Finland  |  Today I spent my whole afternoon, walking around Helsinki. From Kluuvi where my hotel is located, up to the area of Kallio, know to be the bohemian and edgier district of Helsinki. The city feels rather small, with only 592 ish Finns. Today was my informal introduction to Helsingfors – original Swedish name for this city – since tomorrow I will have a proper city tour courtesy of the people at Visit Finland.

Some facts: Sweden’s King Guytavus Vasa founded Helsinki at the mouth of the Vantaajoki River in 1550. As a result of the war with Russia, Finland became an autonomous grand duchy of Russia in 1809. Finland became independent in 1917, and Helsinki assumed as the capital of the new born republic.

Helsinki’s Cathedral and the Senate Square, might be two of the most iconic and photographed locations in Helsinki. Over 150 years old. Inside is very simple and modest, but featuring an important organ on the second floor.
Kallio, is known to be among locals as the Gay District of Helsinki, although I must admit I  did not see much other than one gay bar called FairyTale. Also home to the bohemian Finns.
The Central Train Station, has a beautiful facade, and this is from where I will be taking tomorrow my speed train to cross from Finland to Russia.
I have no knowledge whatsoever of Finnish, but from walking around today, I can share with your this few words I learnt. And keep them handy, since there is no signs or visible billboard in English.. Katu (street) every single street finishes in Katu. Ravintola (restaurant). Hieronta (massage) and Kiitos (thank you). Hei (hello). Hope you enjoy my photo gallery. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends


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Viking Line Stockholm to Helsinki

 Viking Line Stockholm to Helsinki  |  Scandinavia  |  Transitioning from Sweden to Russia, I found the perfect way to do it, including a beautiful destination as Finland and Helsinki in between. So I took the Viking Line Cruise from Stockholm, Sweden to Helsinki, Finland. Almost a 14 hours voyage along the waters of the Baltic Sea, with some spectacular  views of the Swedish Archipielago, and the coasts of Finland. Continue reading Viking Line Stockholm to Helsinki