A matured comeback to Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

Mandarin Oriental BangkokA matured comeback to Mandarin Oriental Bangkok  |  Bangkok, Thailand | My first stay at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, or iconically known as Oriental Bangkok, was over 4 years ago. At that time I was a different person, looking for different type of experiences, as it has happened organically through out all my personal and professional life. At that time, perhaps, ranked low as my favorite experiences in Bangkok, but after my recent stay, at my 41 years of age, I have to say it was simply PERFECTION. After countless times being in Bangkok, I have grown a deep love for the Chao Phraya River, and how it defines the nature of this destination, and to stay at a hotel at the streams of this charismatic feature, was something I would have never looked for before, and today I truly appreciate. So I guess we can appropriately say, that Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, it has taken some time, but it has grown in me, to be come I would say, my top choice when visiting Bangkok. See and follow my full Instagram Photo Gallery on BangkokContinue reading A matured comeback to Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

Blue Elephant Royal Thai Cuisine

Blue Elephant Royal Thai Cuisine  |  Bangkok, Thailand  |  Blue Elephant is one of the most traditional Restaurants and Cooking Schools of Bangkok. It has been 30 successful years since the first Blue Elephant was opened, surprisingly in Brussels, Belgium, allowing foreign customers to fully experience a real taste of Thailand.  Continue reading Blue Elephant Royal Thai Cuisine

ISSAYA Siamese Club

ISSAYA Siamese Club  |  Bangkok, Thailand  |  Brand new restaurant in Sathorn, Bangkok by renown acclaimed Thai Chef Ian Kittichai. At Issaya Siamese Club, Kittichai incorporates modern Thai cuisine and style with a relaxed atmosphere of lounge, bar, hip garden party vibe – all in an historical 1920s Thai home and its tropical gardens in central Bangkok. The concept and cuisine is certain to excite sensibilities that crave exceptional Thai dishes, artful unique ambience, and exceptional experiences. Continue reading ISSAYA Siamese Club

Eat Me Bangkok never disappoints you

Eat Me Bangkok never disappoints you   |  Bangkok, Thailand  |  Unassuming. Fabulous Restaurant. Hidden. Secret. Never a dissapointment. No attitude are the words to define this hidden gem in the heart of Bangkok. Of course, the name can be a bit of a turn off, assuming it will be  an over the top pretentious restaurant. And it is indeed, but in the best way possible. From the bar tender to the Darren his owner, they will all make you feel so welcomed and cozy that you will just feel like at the living room of your own home, with the twist of great cocktails, ambiance and fusion dishes. Eat Me, was inspired by the classic of Alice in Wonderland. A cake with “EAT ME” on it causes Alice to grow to such a tremendous size her head hits the ceiling, well in this case, I felt that my tummy was growing to he point of bursting. Continue reading Eat Me Bangkok never disappoints you

Ban Chiang Traditional THAI Cuisine in Silom

Ban Chiang THAI Restaurant Silom  |  Bangkok, Thailand   |  Melting pot for the international crews of every single airline in the world, Ban Chiang is a charming Thai Restaurant where flavors, scents and great traditional Thai cuisine meet simile street food in style with excellent prices and atmosphere. Your choose, you ma seat outside or inside a typical Thai house, with tree floors and most important during this time of the year… air conditioning. Not local enough, but not touristic either, it is a great option for those looking for a first full Thai meal in Bangkok, without paying high prices. Located just behind the Holiday Inn hotel in the area of Silom. Continue reading Ban Chiang Traditional THAI Cuisine in Silom

Ruen Urai Fine Thai Cuisine

Ruen Urai Fine Thai Cuisine  |  Bangkok, Thailand  |  If you are looking for non pretentious, traditional, basic Thai Cuisine at it full expression and flavor, in an isolated but very convenient Soi of the district of Patpong, then let me highly recommend Ruen Urai, exotique, elegant and exquisite Thai experience. Friend and owner Tom Vitayakui, invited us to a Thai feast, where flavors, textures, colors, aromas were perfectly balanced and combined to compliment all senses and beyond. Continue reading Ruen Urai Fine Thai Cuisine

My Street Food obsession in Thailand

My Street Food obsession in Thailand  |  Thailand  |  You all know by now that I have a big Street Food obsession, specially here in Thailand. Since I will be leaving soon, I am on a mission to stuff myself with as much Thai food as I can, and indeed I am pretty damn good at doing that. This time was minced Chicken Balls on my way from Pattaya to Bangkok. I kept seeing those all the time during my time here in Thailand, and was never quite sure what they were, and now I do. Continue reading My Street Food obsession in Thailand

Khao Tom Soup favorite breakfast in Thailand

Khao Tom Soup favorite breakfast in Thailand  |  Bangkok, Thailand  |  How I am going to miss my daily Thai breakfast when I leave Thailand. The best breakfast ever Khao Tom. A must try with either chicken, fish or pork. You will get addicted to it. Add extra soy sauce and chili. I have become addicted to it, and every morning I crave to have it. (canola oil, minced garlicground chicken or pork (from chicken thigh or breast), salt, soy sauce, chicken broth, jasmine rice or rice porridge, egg, thinly shredded fresh ginger, green onion, coarsely chopped cilantro, dash white pepper powder and you are good to go.!!!). Most hotels serve it as part of their Thai breakfast. This one in particularly was at the Hotel Muse Bangkok. Carlos Melia Luxury Travel Curator – www.carlosmelia.com

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Che Koy dinning like a local in Bangkok

Che Koy dinning like a local in Bangkok  |  Bangkok, Thailand  |  My friend and colleague Douglas, owner of Purple Dragon Travel, phoned me up and told me… get ready for a ride, I will take your for dinner to a place where only locals go. Minutes after I was ready to go and experience a feast of local Thai food, and indeed that is what I got. When I told the concierge at my hotel that I was going to Che Koy, he looked at me and started laughing. He said … ” Carlos, how do you know about this place…” and that was the confirmation I needed to have to know it was going to be just brilliant. Continue reading Che Koy dinning like a local in Bangkok

My favorite dessert in Thailand the Bua Loi

My favorite dessert in Thailand the Bua Loi  |  Bangkok, Thailand  | The description does not sound too tempting, but believe me it is fantastic and right now ranks high up as my absolute favorite dessert in Thailand. The Bua Loi is glutinous-rice flour balls in coconut cream. The texture is amazing in the mouth, and the coconut cream soup compliments it very well. Popular Thai dessert , it is loved by people of all classes. That’s why it is available in many places, ranging from food stalls on the sidewalk to good restaurants. I tried it myself at the Baan Khanitha Restaurant and at he Tea Room of the Gran Hyatt Erawan Hotel.  Continue reading My favorite dessert in Thailand the Bua Loi