Session 02 Increasing weight and resistance

Session 02 Increasing weight and resistance  |  Inform Fitness  |   Today was my second session at Inform Fitness under the supervision of Adam Zickerman. Once again 20 minutes to the point of muscle failure, and this time I did a few videos to see how this works on me. Very slow movements counting up to 10 each way, and constantly watching your posture and breathing. The most important part is the total control of the movement. I don’t know you guys, but I see a huge progress since last week, and I feel lighter and more toned. (see last week’s photo). I am not here to endorse anyone, only images will speak.

Only two weeks and I am already seeing huge results. Remember I started training after a three month trip around the world, that got me eating, drinking and not training at all. I have continued with my cardio training, because I love running, and yoga, but following the directions of Adam, I have stopped my weights training, and limited to 20 minutes ONCE a week, with him. Video above is the Legs Training, you will see I reach the point that I cannot lift the wait any longer. When I tried to stand up, I almost fell to the floor, since my muscles were totally exhausted.

Back Training… do not laugh at the shaking… Although machines may look the same regular ones you see at any gym, all this machines have been modified and redesigned by Adam Zickerman, to maximize their performance, allow extra smooth movements and guarantee the best ergonomic positions for your workout, therefore avoiding any type of injuries.

Chest Training this time. And again only one step of as many repetitions as you can till you muscles say NO MORE or Adam indicates so. You get to the point of giving up, or crying ha ha ha…. but it feels sooooo good afterwards.

This is the training room. A very quiet and private environment. Not more that 4 people training at the same time, each with its own coach and trainer. Located on the second floor of building located right at the Upper East Side on 56th Street.
20 minutes with the Power of 10…. it is all that took today for my full body workout. Legs, arms, abs, back under the private supervision of Adam Zickerman at Inform Fitness. Muscle fatigue to the point of failure. Trust me FAILURE. He guaranteed that in a few weeks I will have tone and increased my muscle mass. Turning 38 years old, being a former gymnast, I have reached a plateau in my training, not seeing results and getting frustrated. Believing that more weight, more reps, more sets more time would make the magic… Inform Fitness has proposed me for a different take, 20 minutes a week, 1 set of each exercise, going as slow as possible with average weight. We will see what happens. I am up for the challenge. Long time since I felt like that. Looking forward to my next week appointment. At Inform Fitness locations in New York, Los Angeles and soon Santiago de Chile, silence is your soundtrack, the temperature is controlled, and the instructor is your mirror. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends


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