TGV Gare de Lyon Paris to Nice Ville

TGV Gare de Lyon Paris to Nice Ville  |  France  |  Today I transfered all the way from Versailles to Nice, in a ver simple and smooth way, to get to Gare de Lyon Station in Paris to get onboard the TGV to Nice Ville.  Almost 6 hours train ride in total. I did pre purchased my tickets in advance, thank God, because the train was fully booked, and that would have ruined my whole itinerary which already is very tight. 270 Euros Round Trip, including my trip to St Tropez and connections. I was rather excited to do this trip, first time on the TGV. The scenery was amazing, specially the second part of the journey, once you arrive to St. Raphael all the way to nice, passing by Cannes of course at hight speed.
But inside the train, well it was OK, but I was expecting more to be honest. None of the two classes really stroke me. And what I could not understand is WHY they planned so little space for luggage. I mean the are a long distance train, they should expect people to travel with suitcases. No WiFi, no entertainment system (thank God for the iPad).
Photo above is Second Class. If you choose to travel this class, try to get when booking… the set of 2 seats not the four seats with the table in between. Of course, unless you are traveling with other three friends. More space for the legs, and you do not have to seat looking at the other passenger for over 6 hours, while they are peeling their boiled egg ha ha ha.
Photo above is First Class. Only a slight difference. Still the same issue with the luggage. There is a surcharge of EUR 100 I think to go first class. Which in same way looked much more civilized. Unfortunately at the moment I booked, this class was already sold out.

The TGV I took was a DUPLEX Car, meaning it had two floors, and what it is cool indeed is that the Cafeteria/Bar is located on the top floor, allowing great panoramic views. See the video above taken while having my meal. I love to travel by train, I quite enjoy seeing the scenery pass by….
Insider TIP. When you board from Paris to Nice, choose your seats on right side as the direction of the train. On the contrary from Nice back to Paris on the left. This if you want to enjoy the views of the beach and the sea while you travel from Nice to St Raphael. Other than that both sides are the same.
Each car has toilettes and the stairs to take you to the Cafeteria/Bar. Let me tell you that France is not a very friendly country, when it comes to tourists and train/metro stations. Most of them have no elevators, and I would say 70% of the escalators where out or order. So pack lightly, trust me, seen many people struggle over that this week already. Carlos Melia Luxury Travel Curator –

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