MDNA by Madonna at the Yankee Stadium New York

MDNA by Madonna at the Yankee Stadium New York  |  New York, United States  |  Last night I came to see Madonna LIVE for her World Tour MDNA. Over 60,000 people from all ages and generations, gather to see the Queen of POP do what she does best, … singing or dancing ? well not quite that, I was going to say, put together an amazing visual and interactive show. Old songs, news songs and some iconic like Vogue, Express Yourself, Holiday, and Like a Prayer. My favorite moment, was when she did Turn the Radio Up, which has been my favorite song from the last album. See all my photos and videos.

We got great front floor seats, so we could see here very close. The Stadium was sold out. Although loved the show, an the visuals, two things were lacking to me: (1) I come from South America, and in many ways it can be considered disorganized or chaotic, but the energy that you experience for events like this is amazing, last night I felt it was way too organized, with chairs all over the floor area, not allowing people to walk through the alleys, also felt that the crow was not quite engaging to Madonna and vice versa. (2). I will elaborate more on this at the end of my post, but the staff of the Yankee Stadium aka. security and hosts, were the biggest buzz killers and unfriendly people I have ever have to deal with in an event like this. Both factors made the concert a bit tense and dull. But hey Madonna transports you to so many places and memories that for most of the time there, I forgot about all this, and it is just now, once the adrenaline has settled that I am thinking about all this. Anyhow, all I keep thinking is that I cannot wait to have the opportunity to see the same show either in Argentina or Brazil.

The opening act was brilliant, a pseudo Gregorian Church and Madonna screaming, I am Sorry and Forgive me, I have offended The…

Madonna is beyond good and wrong, that is a fact. She looks a bit tired, her movements are not as assertive as they used to be, her wardrobe changes took much longer than before, and the singing was pretty much performed by backup singers, but she can get away with anything, because she still delivers a flawless show, even when it is pouring out with rain. She even sang Born this Way, mocking Lady Gaga. Who cares right, she is and will be the Queen of Pop, and to royalty rules do not apply.

This was one of the most engaging moments of Madonna with the crowd, continued by the classic of Holiday, trying to get the rain to go away. Believe it or not it work, mmmm for at least 10 minutes ha ha ha ….

The unfortunate moment of the night can be attributed to the Yankee Stadium. Guys you are hosting a Madonna concert, not the Nutcraker by Tchaikovsky, so you should expect people from all walks of life coming to the show right. ??? Well this is what happened. We came with our friend, who decided to get on drag to impersonate his own version of Lady Gaga. We got to the stadium, and from the moment he step foot our of our SUV he was, after Madonna, the sensation of the night. Now when we came to the gate to get into the stadium, they stop him, and told him that he could not come in. Reason, he was in an outfit “aka. dressed as a woman” Really ??? at a Madonna concert ? So disappointing, and to be honest bordering the homophobia and discrimination.
Well twenty minutes later we were all there trying to get our friend inside. The police outside, while in the meantime everyone coming to the stadium were snapping photos with him. At least five women walked by with similar outfits like him, of course without the bubbles, and nobody stopped them. So we ask them, OK what if he looses the the bubbles, will he be allowed to come in, the answer was NO, he is still dress in a costume, again “aka. as a woman”. I think they realized in the end that we were not going to go away, and that this was going to become an issue, so from higher hierarchy the order came to get as out of the front door and let him in. I would like to mentioned once again and stress that everyone inside the stadium LOVED and RAVED about him, gays, straights, kids EVERYONE was snapping photos with him. This is the spirit Yankee Stadium, integration, tolerance. Next time, if you do not feel that this are the values you and your staff  share, maybe you should not hold this alternative events. like one of your employees called it. Something to think about. !!!!
So this was the show ladies and gentleman. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED the show and I do not love her, but I do highly respect her as a business person, performer, trendsetter and game changer. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends

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