DUBAI not my final destination

DUBAI not my final destination  |  Dubai, UAE  |  Dubai not for me. Spend your money where our community is respected, tolerated, welcomed and accepted. I choose to cancel my stay in Dubai and the UAE. Principle and safety issues, that I will not discuss publicly have made me come to this decision, together wit the request and advice of loved ones, followers and colleagues. Being part of a first world country is more than oil, luxury brands, real state developments, and high risers. It is to learn to live in a global world with tolerance and respect to all walks of life. At least that is my attitude in life. That is way I choose not to stay in Dubai, promote it or spend my money were Gays and Lesbians are not welcomed. It is your choice. Be Loud and Be Proud. And for those companies we all know that I will not mention including an Airlines, and very well stablished hotel chain, stop taking the money of the LGBT community when you are not willing to treat them with the respect they deserve. Pink Money is overridden. Respect Dubai and UAE is the new pink. Live from DUBAI Airport. CM

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GPS Carlos Melia heading back to New York

GPS Carlos Melia heading back to New York | Thailand to United States | heading back to New York to see loved ones, recharge energy, do laundry and head on my way next Week to my new adventure which will include this time, Brazil ( Rio de Janeiro and Florianopolis ) and Argentina. Boarding now. More tomorrow live from New York, that if I survive my almost 20 hours flight in Emirates, I know… Not the best. But well. CM

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