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20120203-171343.jpgBest kept travel Beauty tips revealed South Africa  |  One of the things that I enjoy the most while traveling around the world, more than the experiences is the global learning process over multiple subjects. Learning and educating myself over these matters, right from the source, it is priceless. Beauty, health and skin-care, are not an exception at all, and I am an addict of new tips and treatments, especially since I have become immune to Botox, ha ha ha sad right, and age is setting over me. The other day an Editor for a very well know LGBT publication asked me … Carlos have you found the fountain of youth… Of course he was miles away chatting on his laptop without seeing me face to face, addressing to some of the photos on the article that DNA Magazine recently ran on me. I replied to him, the key is to have a great relationship with the Editor and Art Director of the Magazines, so they make sure that the photoshop looks amazing and all your body part are back in place.
20120203-174707.jpgBut yes ladies and gentlemen, I am a sucker for beauty tips. Since I became over 35 years old, my new holy word is Antioxidant. I love love that word. Tried it all… food supplies, treatments, you name it… And, as I travel the world I try more and more, thinking I have finally found the holy grail, to then, seeing the same on some cheap TV show on national TV. Being introduced, from Acai and Quinoa in South America, Kombucha in North America, Flaxseeds in Asia, Dead Sea Mineral Mud from the Middle East and the main topic of this post, the Grounded Cinnamon and Nutmeg skin treatment, which I tried for the first time last year in South Africa during my two month journey along and across the South section of the Dark Continent.

But I wanted to leave this tip, and share it with you all. Simple, affordable and quick. All you need is 6 teaspoons of grounded Cinnamon + 6 teaspoons of grounded Nutmeg + 2 cups of water and a coffee machine. Mix the cinnamon and nutmeg, and brew it with the two cups of water, same as you do your coffee each morning. Let it cool off. Apply it to face and body as a wash.. You will see the results after a few day trust me. Try to do it once a day. After learning this Skin Rejuvenating tip in Africa, I saw it this morning on TV here in New York and reminded me about it. Nutmeg has anti-inflamatory qualities, while Cinnamon is a natural exfoliant and has antiseptic qualities. I guess it has worked on me, I will let you be the judge. The other day a guy told me… You are too mature for 27 years old. Not sure if the guy was blind or high or under which influence, all I know is that this LOVELY and CARING human being was trying to be way too polite beyond the effect of any skin care treat. Like I heard somewhere one day… Because I am worth it. Mmmmhhhh. !!! Try it and let me know. Have a great weekend everyone CM

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