My first BOMA in Botswana

My first BOMA in Botswana  |  Chobe, Botswana  |  Last night at the Chobe Game Lodge, after several night of been invited in South Africa, Zambia and Botswana, we decided to leave aside our fancy four course dinners, and join a true African BOMA. It was AMAZING, not that been right on the stream of the Chobe River with almost a full moon and elephants/hippopotamus around us made any difference ha ha ha right …
For those not familiar with the term BOMA, a boma is a livestock enclosure, a stockade or kind of fort, or a district government office. The term is used in many parts of eastern, central and southern Africa. Most lodges in the area use this as a way to gather the guests in an evening celebration, where they share local traditional dishes, culture, customs and music.
Experience an evening in the boma (outdoor eating area enclosed by reed walls on the banks of the river) with traditional dancers performing. That is what I did last night, and literally eat and drunk all around. Such a relaxing night with the sound of the marimbas in the back. Full moon, nice cool breeze from the Chobe River and the sounds of the hippopotamus in the far back. Certainly they prove me wrong, and I truly enjoyed my first boma experience.
Judge for yourself. Doesn’t it look lovely. ? Well keep this in mind if you plan to visit Africa. Just a nice way to learn more about the local culture and traditions. CM

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 This trip to South Africa and rest of Africa, has been flawlessly put together and coordinated by the expert hands of Rhino Africa Safaris. African based tour operator, with headquarters in Cape Town. Years of hands on experience in the region precede them, reason why I chose and trust them to be the partner for this African Experience. We both share the same philosophy, experiential travel and the concept of Been There Done That. Stay tuned, soon CM by Carlos Melia, and Rhino Africa Safaris will bring to you Small Gay Groups to Africa.

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