Mehtaphor Restaurant in Tribeca

Mehtaphor Restaurant in Tribeca |  Tribeca, New York | If metaphor is a figure of speech that compares two unlike things that actually have something in common, Mehtaphor is inspired by Asian urban tastes and scents, wrapped in Jehangir Mehta‘s singular chef voice. There is a distinct point of view here and a chef who touches every dish coming to each table every night to greet you and check that you are having an experience. Right in the lobby of the DUANE Street Hotel, an intimate dining area, including a dessert-cocktail bar, a true cocktail bar, a time-worn wooden communal table fully wired for laptops and internet access, and a delightful dining room.
Mehtaphor sets out to redefine global cuisine. Bold ingredients, an unusual combination of spices and herbs inspired by Ayurvedic principles, served up in French style, all resulting in a burst of warm flavors that play mellifluously on the tongue: flavor after flavor, distinct, yet in unison. Providing the perfect foil is the chic, boutique ambience coupled with excellent personalized service to guests. That’s Mehtaphor. This was my second time there, and I had to admit that both times I was uber happy with the food and drinks, but despite that, my first time I was very unhappy with the seating arrangements. They put us at the communal table, which it is not my idea of a nice evening, but on top of that they were seating 16 people in a table for 12, so imagine that in a restaurant where the concept is mainly Asian fusion Tapas,… exactly bowls and dishes flying everywhere. But this time it was PERFECT, we got our own table, it was a week night so it was much quieter, and we were able to enjoy in full the Mehtaphor experience and flavors.
Creative genius, hardworking, eloquent, more so when he expresses his creativity through food, Jehangir Mehta, Mumbai-born expressed more than just an interest in the kitchen and its activities as a child. He has worked at restaurants like L’Absinthe, Jean-Georges, and was responsible for the opening of Mercer Kitchen which quickly rose to become one of the hottest destinations in New York. In 2007, Jehangir opened Graffiti, his own restaurant that was simply an extension of the man and his passion, and released his first cook-book “Mantra-the rules of Indulgence”. (which you can get at the DUANE Street Hotel). Jehangir’s cultural ties influence him deeply as he draws inspiration from Ayurveda, Asian ingredients and exotic spices. Mehtaphor is a further extension of his personality and his cooking style, something that we’ve never seen before! (photo above: Poprock Oysters, Onion Confit, Grapefruit Granita where all senses are combined and challenged by the poprock exploding in your mouth.)
The menu (regular or Vegetarian)  full of signature dishes wafting aromas, delicious food bubbling on the stove, fresh, fragrant garnish and innovative presentations, is divided by price categories Nine – Twelve – Seventeen and then deserts for Seven, where all dishes are meant to be shared. Our choices for the night were: Poprock Oysters, Onion Confit, Grapefruit Granita (USD ), Banana Leaf Tofu, Coriander Chutney, Onion Chickpea Fritters (USD 17), Truffle Goat Cheese Pizza (USD 12), Onion Seed Shrimp Kebabs, Green Papaya Raita (USD 17), among a few other more all perfectly balanced and match with an amazing Chilean Carmenere.
(Photo above: Onion Seed Shrimp Kebabs. Photo Below Banana Leaf Tofu.)Thank you  Jehangir Mehta and the DUANE Street Hotel for a fantastic and flavorful evening, I will be back without a doubt. I cannot wait to try Graffiti next. Mehtaphor Restaurant, 130 Duane Street , New York, NY 10013 , 212-542-9440. CM

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