ACELA Express Train All Aboard to Boston

ACELA Express Train All Aboard to Boston |  United States |  Trains are one of my absolute favorite ways of travel. So every occasion I get to experience them, it gets me really excited. I just love seating and watching through the window, looking at the small villages or towns, getting a grasp of areas I would never get to see otherwise… and not to mention if you get to enjoy a diner on a world-class train like Orient Express, sipping through wine or champagne, while the world goes by right in front of your eyes. I think most of you would agree with me, that trains are a much easier, sometimes quicker and most accessible ways to travel. Well today is my ACELA Express experience, and for those of you that follow my blog, you know that I am not a big fan of Amtrak Trains, but this time, although far apart from the European Regional Trains experience, I have to say that ACELA Express is a great way to travel.
I have been lucky enough to ride trains all over the world, from the basic ones in India, the panoramic Train of the Clouds in the north of Argentina, Regional and Long Distance trains in Europe, High Speed trains in Japan, to my personal favorite, the renown and luxurious Orient Express in England. Today as I write this post, I am on the ACELA Express train from New York City to Boston. I am assisting the Les Clefs d’Or Gala Diner in Boston, and needed a quick way IN/OUT, so I said to myself, despite past incidents with Amtrak, give the ACELA Express a try! In the end it will make a great blog post either way. So here I am and so far SO GOOD.
Acela is a brand applied by Amtrak to its high-speed trains along the Northeast Corridor in the Northeast U.S., called Acela Express. The name was a portmanteau of “excellence” and “acceleration“, pronounced “ah-cel-la”. The formation consist of two classes, Business and Firs Class. My ticket on Business Class round trip from New York / Boston (approx. 3 hours) was USD 247.
From the moment you arrive to the convenient location at Penn Station, and you get to wait at their exclusive Waiting Room, I have to say it is a very seamless process compared to the experience you have to go through this days at the US Airports. Train was scheduled to depart at 12.05PM, and indeed left on time.
ACELA Express First Class seating area (photo above) on the front of the formation. Clean cabin, good peach between seats and especial seating area for wheelchairs. The ACELA offers onboard a Quiet Car, a Cafeteria and bathrooms.
(Photos above: ACELA Express Cafeteria / Photo below: ACELA Express Bathrooms with plenty of space for a wheelchair)

If you are traveling on business, or are an internet junky like me, ACELA Express offers FREE WiFi Connection and 120 Volts seat electrical outlets. This will sound too demanding, but in the era of High Speed Internet and 4G, I found the internet connection to be quite slow, compared to the GoGo service on plains and even the WiFi connections being offered on long distance buses like Megabus or Bolt. No entertainment system onboard, but who needs that anymore with the iPads, SmartPhones etc, right ?
I am just a bit concerned about safety though. Reading everywhere that trains could be the next terrorist targets, there were NO security screening or metal detectors whatsoever, so I wonder how do they deal with this issues. I know I know, we all hate going through TSAs and Security Check points at airports, but just saying….
So this was my full post on ACELA Express which was way better than my previous experience with Amtrak (read more). This time, just in case, I am keeping my Printed Ticket very close to me this time. CM

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