Short-Term Rental Ban in New York City

Short-Term Rental Ban in New York City |  New York City |  Are you one of those, that use to come for a week to New York City and choose to stay at an apartment over a hotel.? Well I don’t know if you heard, but a law regulating vacation rentals in New York City was passed (end of 2010) and it took effect on May 1, 2011. This new law will ban the renting of apartments that do not hold a hotel license for rentals of less than 30 days duration, or in buildings that have more than 2 dwelling units and that do not hold a hotel license. What does this mean to you.? that most of Manhattan apartments will not be able to be rented legally for Short-Terms or vacation purposes. Most websites, are now proposing lots of apartments in the north part of the city (south Harlem) and in Brooklyn that can be legally rented for less than 30 days. The reason is that in these neighborhoods (which are great neighborhoods by the way) you can find lots of 2 dwelling unit houses, which are not affected by the law.
…” Short-term apartment rentals became a threat to the hotel industry which pressured government officials of New York to pass the law. What they did not realize is that it will wind up affecting tourism and local economy, simply because tourists who cannot afford a hotel room will wind up choosing another destination for their vacation…” shared with me an agent at a well known and reputable online Short-Term Rental company in Manhattan.

The fight is on to try to get the law amended eventually.In the meantime, a new bill was recently introduced by Senator Martin J. Golden intended to amend the yet to be implemented short-term rental ban in New York City.  The most reliable sites, are working very hard to review the list of apartments that will NOT be affected by the new law. VERY IMPORTANT POINT: If you contact other companies and they tell you that they are ready to rent you an apartment now for your dates, make sure you bring to their attention that there is a new Law and if they are aware of it. This might jeopardize your entire holidays in the end. Lots of companies keep renting illegal apartments since May 1st, as if the law did not exist. These companies and their clients might find themselves in very uncomfortable situations come the day of the rental.
Today when requesting services for a client of mine, this is the answer I got back from my regular supplier … ” Carlos, I have nothing in Chelsea that is exempt from the Law, I am sorry…” . Do not desperate, there are still options. Of course not as many as before. But the trend now is that most of the Short Term Rentals are same or far more expensive as hotels in the city. So the choice is yours. I at CM by Carlos Melia can help you either way with options all over the city. Just though you guys might want to know. Cheers. CM

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