Hot Air Balloon Rides over New Jersey

Hot Air Balloon Rides over New Jersey |  by Alejandro Gagliesi |  Look at how my friends entertain themselves over the weekend. My dear friend Alejandro, for us just “Alex” spent all his Saturday flying over the Hunterdon County on Hot Air Balloons. How spectacular is that? I the meantime I was home working and dying of envy by just looking at his pictures. I always had this dream of flying on Hot Air Balloons over the wine country sipping through some great chilled white wine, ohhhhh silly romantic me. OMG.!!! But also would love getting on one of this balloons and do bungee, not so romantic right but still very exciting.
Alex quoted this morning …” It was an amazing peaceful adventure experience, overlooking the Hunterdon County landscape…” Ballooning is a year-round sport, weather permitting.. Flights can depart around sunrise and about 2 hours before sunset. These are the times during the day when the wind is calm enough to fly. Since the balloon floats on air currents, there is not the sensation of wind blowing. The temperature aloft is basically the same as the on-ground temperature, with only very slight cooling at higher altitudes. They fly over beautiful Hunterdon County in New Jersey, and sometimes, depending on wind direction, over the Delaware River into Pennsylvania. There are ample opportunities to take magnificent photographs.
Balloons Aloft is the company that Alex booked for this flight.They fly between 500 and 2500 feet. Different altitudes give you different perspectives. It’s fun to be able to see New York, Philadelphia, the reservoirs and the Delaware River, and then come down to the lower altitudes and float above the trees. The actual flight lasts about one hour, (between 45 minutes and an hour and 15 minutes, depending on winds and available landing spots.) The whole experience lasts approximately 2 ½-3 hours. It includes your arrival at the airport, signing in, going out to the launch field, inflating the envelope, and boarding the balloon. After landing and packing up the balloon, everyone rides back to the airport in the chase vehicle and enjoys the after-flight traditional champagne & hors d’oeuvre “party” on their lovely terrace. Prices start at USD 175 x person when booking a minimum of 4 people. When booking individuals the fare is USD 215 x person. An exclusive flight, USD 595 per couple, ensures that you will have the balloon to yourself (with the pilot!). Hey Balloons Aloft I want to come and try it, make my own pictures, videos and comment further into my own experience, so now you know. Thank you Alex for sharing. CM

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