LANDMARC Restaurant at the Time Warner Center

LANDMARC Restaurant at the Time Warner Center |  New York, Columbus Circle |  Like every other Thursday I get together with my two best friends, and with the excuse to try different culinary options of the Big Apple, we find a space and time in the busy New York life to see each other, withdraw from everything and share laughs, problems etc. We have entitled our Thursday’s Social Rendevouz – The Ladies Nights. This week the chosen venue was Landmarc Restaurant, the one located at the Time Warner Center, Columbus Circle. I love this location in New York, and the fact that the restaurant is on the 3rd. floor of the shopping center, allow us to have some extra time for window shopping.

Unfortunately I have to say that the experience was not that pleasant. I go to the point that I approach the Maitre D and told him …” you guys have TOO many rules for a restaurant…”. I had been there in previous occasions and really enjoyed it, but the fact that was on a late Sunday afternoon, I think that made the big difference. A much quieter and friendly ambiance, better service and atmosphere. Thursday’s nights can get really hectic in New York, specially on gourmet landmarks, get it .. !!!

From the moment of the booking, it was already an issue. Only bookings for tables of minimum 6 people. COME ON, really. Last night they had only 2 tables that were same or over that number, but well my friend Alejandro wanted to do it and I went along. I got there early, and after a long day at the office, I just wanted to have a drink and unwind, so I went to the bar, since they will not give me a table until the rest would arrive… and I order a glass of wine. Second issue – answer to that, we do not do glasses of wine, prosecco or champagne only full or half bottles. So much for relaxation and friendlyness. I wonder if you ask for a Vodka Drink, if they give you a whole bottle too? in that case I would kind of LOVE this place… ha ha ha. So the options were, either to get wasted on my own till the others arrived, or I decide the wine that my other two friends will have to drink and put up with, just to allow me have my own personal moment or relaxation. Well since the bartender went out of her way to be very unwelcoming I decided to step out of the restaurant and wait for my friends outside. Upon their arrival, we all went to the bar , ONCE again, and shared the cocktail you can see above. Once you are finished, DON’T YOU DARE to move to your table without settling your bill, God forbids or you will be expelled from ever coming back. Relax people, don’t you know the concept of ROLL THE CHECK to the table? I am sure that if you use MICROS or any other accounting system for your world-class restaurant you are able to manage this intricate processes. Anyhow…. we moved to the table, and by the time we did I was SO over it, not to mention the loud music and the fact that the place was packed.
I have to give it to them, the food is GREAT. But again I think they need to work a bit on their service and the attitude of the staff. Sometimes a gourmet experience is not enough when you do not feel welcome or taken care off, and this was certainly the case. Too many rules Landmarc, and we just wanted to have a nice dinner, great time and loosen up after a long week of work, GET IT. !!! My Choice for the night was: Appetizer of Warm Goat Cheese Profiteroles, herb & roasted red pepper salad (USD 12) and  Grilled Tuna , tomato, basil, red onion & parmesan crisp (USD 31), then we all shared the Cotton Candy and a Chocolate Mousse (USD 16).
I love the fact that they bring your desserts with PINK Cotton Candy. Like they knew we were having our Ladies Night Dinner. BTW you have to ask for the Cotton Candy, otherwise they will not bring it to the table.

I do recommend it, but try to avoid any busy nights, and now that you we aware of all the obstacles before getting to your table you will be able to enjoy your evening. LANDMARC Restaurant – . Bon Appetite. CM

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